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The Disclosure Petition @ The White House Please Sign!

The Disclosure Petition @ The White House

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This Disclosure Petition is now up on the White House website.
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“We, the undersigned, strongly urge the President of the United States to formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race and immediately release into the public domain all files from all agencies and military services relevant to this phenomenon.”

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By Dick Sutphen
Dick teaches hypnosis certification training for the International Metaphysical University.

In conducting seminars, I often ask people what they want in life. The most common response is, “I just want to be happy.”

Here’s what British Philosopher A. C. Grayling has to say on the subject in his book, “The Meaning of Things”: “It has wisely been said that the search for happiness is one of the main sources of unhappiness in the world. Yet most people, if asked, would claim that happiness is the goal of life, and many would also claim that it justifies whatever choices bring it about. Is this really so? The questions ‘Is happiness the appropriate goal of life?’ and ‘Is it true that happiness justifies the means to its attainment?’ are connected, for if the answer to the first is ‘Yes,’ then so is the answer to the second. Yet it is clear that the answer to the second is ‘No’: the fact that a serial killer is made happy by murdering people is not justification for his doing it.”

Grayling goes on to suggest that if happiness could result from pouring a happiness-inducing chemical into the world’s water supplies, we would not notice when things stopped working efficiently. We would not care about disasters or anything else. We would simply smile our way through life.

This idea does not work. Happiness by itself would be a passive condition that would undermine things we value more. Constant happiness would undermine advancement, striving, improving, growing, inventing and discovering … although happiness will likely result from such endeavors.

Happiness appears to be a side-effect of pursuing our goals. And according to Grayling, “… the attendant happiness, when it comes, is a sign that they are being reached.” He finishes his short discourse on happiness by saying, “The question of happiness is sometimes dramatized in the form of a question: ‘Which would you rather be; an unhappy Socrates, or a happy pig?’ Of course one would rather be a happy Socrates; but the point is that to have one’s autonomy of mind, to be aware of the world, and to make one’s own choices, is better by far than being passively happy at the expense of these things. This is why we — or most of us anyway — object to easy routes to happiness, such as taking it in chemical form; for in that guise it is little different from oblivion.”

Before signing off, I’ll share what Osho has to say on the subject, in the book “The ABC of Enlightenment”: “Always find something to be happy about. Life is short and happiness is very difficult, so don’t miss an opportunity to be happy. Ordinarily we go on doing the opposite; we don’t miss an opportunity to be unhappy.

“To be happy is a great talent. Great intelligence, great awareness, almost genius is needed to be happy. To be unhappy is nothing. Even stupid people are unhappy.

“It is very easy to be unhappy because the whole mind lives through unhappiness. If you remain happy for a long time, the mind starts disappearing, because there is no connection between happiness and the mind. Happiness is of the beyond.”

* * * * *
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The Truth About Anger and Other Non-Helpful Emotions

Written by: Janet I. Decker, C.Ht.

With all the really negative stuff happening on the planet these days people are feeling stressed, frustrated, afraid, sad or angry. As human being’s, having one, or all of these emotions, is considered normal. We are, after all, emotional beings.

That being said I’d now like to comment about these feelings. They aren’t in any way helpful to you nor do they help in correcting our mounting global problems. In fact, any one of these emotions will completely dis-empower you and leave you cowering and whimpering in the corner.

Now don’t get me wrong, the emotions are valid and when we have these emotions we need to recognize them, acknowledge them, salute them even, then kiss them good bye because they will not change one darn thing. Only when you claim your power over your earthly challenges can you truly make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

Overcoming these very debilitating emotions can be a challenge in and of itself. I know, I know, yet one more challenge to confront and overcome, but, it may be much easier than you can imagine, provided you go to the source, the source being your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the part of the mind that rules everything else. How many times have you tried, and failed, to break a habit or overcome feelings that you knew weren’t helpful to you? More than once I’ll wager. I’ll bet that more often than not you’ve tried to make these changes using your conscious or “thinking” mind with little or no result. That is because the conscious mind is not in charge. It has very little to do with anything actually, except understanding mathematical equations and making decisions. The conscious mind is the “reasoning” mind and for the most part you cannot “reason” a habit or a feeling away. In order to bring about good, solid, lasting change to habits and emotions that no longer serve you, the changes must be made by providing logic (reasoning) to the subconscious mind, which has no logic of its own. This is most easily accomplished using hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that happens to us off and on throughout most of our days. You could simply say, “Hypnosis Happens“. New T-Shirt slogan anyone? A daydream, for instance, is a hypnotic state. I would venture to say that everyone has experienced daydreaming at least once in their lives. In fact, I think most of us spent our childhood daydreaming, especially in the classroom. Speaking strictly for me, I was frequently “away” from the classroom in every way that counts. So know this, you are taking no great leap into the unknown by trying hypnosis. When you consciously make a decision to use hypnosis you are merely doing on purpose what you have been doing spontaneously all your life.

There are many hypnotic CD’s and MP3 downloads available these days that can address and virtually eliminate the negative emotions that stop us in our tracks. Albeit, some are not too good, still, there are many others that are. CD’s and MP3′s do not necessarily replace private sessions with an experienced hypnotherapist and often a private session is called for, however, they are an inexpensive way to experience hypnosis and will often give you a very powerful result.

In more cases than not, with the use of hypnosis, you can lose the anger, lose the sadness, lose the fear, etc., and empower yourself. You can take control of your life and become useful again, if I may put it like that, in spite of everything negative that is going on around you.

I will bring this discourse to an end with one very important point and this is… Experiencing anything other than strength, power, confidence, creativity and resourcefulness every single day is of absolutely no benefit to you or anyone else. So, recognize your emotional discomfort then release it and move on by utilizing your greatest power, your subconscious mind.

Nine Underworlds and their corresponding levels of Consciousness

Nine Underworlds and their corresponding levels of Consciousness

According to ancient Mayan beliefs the Cosmos was made up by Nine Underworlds. This fundamental idea was expressed very powerfully through their most important pyramids, the Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent in Chichen-Itza, the Pyramid of the Jaguar in Tikal and the Temple of the Inscriptions in Palenque, which were all built with Nine different stories.

Now where are these Nine Underworlds? the modern person may ask. Being currently unable to observe this aspect of reality people have in recent centuries for the most part tended to dismiss such ancient myths of different worlds as mere myths or fantasies. If we seek to dismiss the idea of the Nine Underworlds as a mere myth it however becomes difficult to dismiss such ancient myths of different worlds as mere myths or fantasies. If we seek to dismiss the idea of the Nine Underworlds as a mere myth it however becomes difficult to explain that the number Nine seems to have been regarded as a Holy number of fundamental importance in so many different cultures, cultures that certainly did not enjoy extensive contacts. Thus, in the Far East Nine-storied pagodas are commonly occurring, among the Jews there were Nine doors to the holiest part of the Temple and there are Nine arms of the Hanukkah candelabra. Among the Muslims the Holy month of Ramadan is the Ninth month of the year and in Viking mythology the Cosmos was described as being composed by Nine worlds. Thus people in different parts of the world all symbolically expressed the holiness of the number Nine. Maybe then there is some kind of universal truth underlying this number, some profound reason that it has independently in different cultures come to be considered as holy.

When the Christian missionaries heard about the Nine Underworlds of the Maya they interpreted these as Hells, but this seems to be way off the mark. If these were Hells, or some locations below the surface of the earth as some have inferred, why then would the Mayan kings have climbed to the top of these supposed Hells to perform sacred rituals on the pyramids. Rather than a hierarchical structure of Hells the Mayan pyramids were viewed as World Mountains – symbols of the Cosmos. And since we ourselves are living in the Cosmos it thus seems more reasonable that the Underworlds are located right here in the physical world “Below” – where we ourselves are living our lives.

Why then Nine Underworlds? Why not just one Underworld? To answer this we need to look at the longer cycles of time described by the Maya and see how these conform to the facts and datings for key steps in Cosmic evolution provided by modern science. We should then first note that similarly to the pyramids raised by the Maya their calendrical system is also hierarchical in nature, and in the Table above there are Nine different time cycles linked to the 360-day year, the tun.

A sequence of Thirteen such time periods would then make up a creation cycle of Thirteen Heavens with the specified durations. Thus, each of the Nine Underworlds was created through a sequence of Thirteen Heavens. To exemplify, the longest of the tun-based time cycles was the hablatun of 460 800 000 000 days = 1.26 billion years. Thirteen such hablatuns makes up a creation cycle of a total duration of 13 x 1.26 = 16.4 billion years that created the lowest, the first Underworld. This is a curious finding since this time period, 16.4 billion years, is very close to the age of the universe, 15 billion years, the time when matter first emerged from light (Big Bang)

The beginning of the creation of the First Underworld thus coincides well with the current best estimate of the beginning of Creation. This is a fact with very far-reaching consequences, since it means that all we today know to exist – all that has come into existence in the universe since the Big Bang – is included in the time span of the most basic of the creation cycles, the cycle of thirteen hablatuns, which creates the first of the Nine Underworlds. Mayan calendrics and the Mayan cosmology of Nine Underworlds and Thirteen Heavens is thus a tool for exploring all of creation!

Upon this the most basic of the Nine Underworlds, are then built eight other Underworlds each carrying and developing a special frame of consciousness for the life that it creates. In this way a hierarchical nine-leveled structure is created where lower levels of consciousness provide the foundation for new and higher levels. Each of these nine creation cycles thus gives rise to a specific Underworld and each of these Underworlds is characterised by a certain frame, or dimension, of consciousness. This frame of consciousness is then created in a series of thirteen steps, through the sequential influence of Thirteen Heavens. The beginnings of these sequences of Thirteen Heavens are marked by crucial events in cosmic evolution such as we know them from the datings of modern science, and such initiatory events are listed in the Table above

At the present time we are beginning to enter the eighth level of consciousness of the cosmic pyramid, based on the foundation provided by the seven lower levels. This eighth level may be referred to as the galactic frame of consciousness as it will step by step lead humanity to identify primarily with the galaxy. The highest level of consciousness, the Universal, will be attained through the workings of the Ninth Underworld in the year 2011 and will result in a timeless cosmic consciousness, and a citizenship in the universe, on the part of humanity.

Exact length according to ancient Maya
Beginning date
Resulting state of Consciousness
End date
13 x 18 kin =
234 days
9/3 2011
Transformation Cosmic 28/10
13 x 360 kin =
4 680 days
5/1 1999
IT revolution Galactic 28/10
13 x 7 200 kin =
93 600 days
Industrialism Planetary 28/10
13 x 144 000 kin =
1 872 000 days
16/6 3115
Writing National 28/10
13 x 2 880 000 kin =
37 440 000 days
Spoken Language Cultural 28/10
13 x 57 600 000 kin =
748 800 000 days
Human Beings Tribal 28/10
13 x 1 152 000 000 kin =
14 976 000 000 days
Monkeys Family 28/10
13 x 23 040 000 000 kin =
299 520 000 000 days
Complex life Individual 28/10
13 x 460 800 000 000 kin =
5 990 400 000 000 days
16,4 Billions
Matter Cellular 28/10

At the extreme left are the exact durations that the respective Underworlds have been dominating and in the second column are stated the beginnings dates of these. In the middle column are listed the phenomena that initiate the evolution of these different Underworlds and to the right of these the types, or levels, of consciousness that they serve to develop. While the evolution of the Four lower levels of consciousness are all expressed as biological evolution the Five highest levels of consciousness carry the evolution of the cultural, technological and spiritual aspects of the human being. At the present time human beings are also beginning to develop a meta-consciousness, an awareness of the evolution of consciousness, that allows her to look upon creation from a higher perspective than the “frog perspective” of everyday human life. The Cosmic Consciousness of Universal Man as prophecised in many spiritual traditions is increasingly becoming a real possibility.

Carl Johan Calleman

Become Conscious and Be Free of Suffering in 60 Days!


Author: Søren TwoCrows

What is pain and suffering? How can I be set free from the anguish of emotional suffering?

While pondering these questions during a recent meditation, I became more strongly aware of the role I had recently played in the creation of suffering in my own life. The inner dialogue that ensued, lead to these thoughts.

Life begins with pain and life ends with pain. A rock can fall on my head and cause pain. I can starve and feel pain. I can get sunburn and feel pain. I can smash my finger and feel pain. Pain is unavoidable. Pain however can be transformative, or merely just an experience in the now.

Since consciousness pervades all and is all, the earth, the trees, and even the rocks can experience pain. Strange as it may sound, science today is beginning to demonstrate the truth of this. Yet, the earth, trees, and rocks do not suffer.

Like humans, animals can be wounded and feel lasting pain. It is an accepted scientific fact among animal behaviorist that animals do not self reflect, project themselves into the future, or hold expectations outside of instinctual behavioral responses. Animals do not think about how other animals will perceived them. If a dog gets hit by a car and one of its legs remain lame for the remainder of its life, it may avoid cars, but it will not say to itself, “Oh woe is me, because of this lame leg, I will never catch a ball again and my master will think less of me”. Therefore, even though animals can be in pain, they do not ponder the future, lament the past, or have a self image. They are simply and most wonderfully in the present moment.

So, if nothing on this planet is suffering, then why do we, the highest form of life on this planet choose to?

In answering this question, consider this. If I smash my finger with a hammer, it will be in real pain and really hurt. Therefore, pain is a real and objective experience. However, suffering is subjective. If I smash my finger with a hammer and it heals, but I can never bend it again, I am faced with a choice. I can become the observer, remain in the now, and simply have a finger that does not bend. Or, I may remind myself of the expectations that I am holding onto and come to believe that because of my lame finger I will never achieve my imagined potential. Or worse yet, I might even become self-absorbed in my ego and believe that the lame finger makes me less valuable. The first option, after the pain heals, brings peace. The second and third options, after the pain heals, bring suffering. Pain is temporary, suffering endures. In these last two options, God or some external power did not create the suffering, I did. I created it by holding thoughts that are incongruent with my truth.

So, how do you know what truth is? It’s simple, truth is that which sets you free. If a thought enslaves you then it is a falsehood. If a thought sets you free then it is truth. If the thoughts you think enslave you and cause you to suffer then adopt new thoughts.

To be set free from suffering you must be must be willing to:

(1) Change your thoughts and decide to believe and live as if you were connected and part of each and everything.

(2) Think of yourself as divine and indestructible living energy. You are not an organic machine. According quantum mechanics, everything is composed of energy and that means you!

(3) There is NO power in bitterness, judgment, or being right. If you think otherwise, you have been duped. These things actually make you weak and enslave you to your ego. So, tell the ego to take a vacation. Next, stop pretending that you can’t let go of all those labels, judgments, and expectations that you hold concerning yourself and others. Say to yourself, “Today, I relinquish all judgments and expectations. I forgive and fully accept myself and others (name names) for who they are. I now let go of my need to be right and I will practice compassion with myself and everyone else I meet.” Say this twice a day, practice it and pretend that you believe it. In time, you will and it will change you.

(4) Practice patience, compassion, and forgiveness every time you can. Perform random acts of kindness for at least one person a day. Maybe it is as simple as commenting on someones clothing, buying anonymous flowers, leaving a thank-you card, or getting someone you normally would not interact with a cup of coffee. Remember, we are all connected, so every time you practice love and forgiveness towards someone, guess what, you are getting love and forgiveness back (hence the golden rule).

(5) Finally, stop letting your ego convince you that you should live in the past and worry about the future. Honestly, it makes no sense. You cannot have a better past so why spend so much time thinking about it. You are the one choosing to hang on to it. If it causes you pain, stop choosing pain. There is no one else running your brain but you. Also remember, that the future, by definition, never gets here. So, why worry about the future since it can never show up? This is not logical.

To end suffering you must be willing to do these five simple things. Be forewarned, your ego will complain and tell you that this is impossible. So, when you hear this complaint, know that it is nothing but a smokescreen thrown up by the ego. If you don’t think you can do these five things, just pretend that you can and do them any way. Watch what happens.

There is only one way you are going to know if what I am telling you the truth. Commit yourself to doing these five simple things for 60 days. Go ahead and try to prove me wrong. All have got to loose is your suffering.

Consciousness and the Inevitable Collapse of Culture

The counterfeit culture – useful observations for understanding why collapse is inevitable

Anything that does not serve the Light will collapse. Anything that serves the Light will rise. Thanks to Barbara.

Mike Adams, Natural News, Sept. 2, 2011

(NaturalNews) Through a devolving web of greed, self-serving power and a departure from fundamental ethics, Western culture has, over the last hundred years, become the counterfeit culture.

Nothing is real anymore — not the food, not the money, and certainly not the evening news. And because it’s not real, it’s not sustainable. That’s why it’s headed for collapse, which is all too real, as many people are about to find out.

In the mean time, here are some observations about the counterfeit culture in which we all frustratingly find ourselves. It’s all about corporations, governments and institutions being “in the business of” counterfeiting something — faking something or pretending to create something of value when they really aren’t. Ring a bell?

The Counterfeit Culture

The Federal Reserve is in the business of counterfeiting money.

The mainstream media is in the business of counterfeiting news.

The pharmaceutical industry is in the business of counterfeiting medicine (Biopracy! They are stealing molecules from nature then counterfeiting their own patented variations.)

The medical schools are in the business of counterfeiting medical degrees. (When a doctor graduates from medical school, he still knows virtually nothing about nutrition.)

Doctors are in the business of counterfeiting false medical authority.

The mega-sized food corporations are in the business of counterfeiting food. (Processed cheese food product, anyone?)

The global consumer product companies are in the business of manufacturing counterfeit consumer products such a “baby oil” (which is really a petroleum product).

Social networks like Facebook are in the business of counterfeiting friends. (Please LIKE this article, okay?)

Cookie-cutter home builders are in the business of constructing counterfeit homes out of plywood, styrofoam and sheetrock… many these homes will not be standing in just 20 years.

Local city councils are in the business of counterfeiting power. (Obey or be punished!)

Public schools are in the business of counterfeiting school diplomas. (Huh? What? Who needs to learn how to write, anyway?)

The Pentagon is in the business of counterfeiting war. (Don’t have a war to fight? Bomb the World Trade Center and blame it on someone!)

Mainstream historians are in the business of counterfeiting history. (Everything you were taught about history in public school is a lie…)

The globalist banksters are in the business of counterfeiting debt. (You thought it was money, didn’t ya? But it’s really just debt.)

And yet, things that are REAL are called fake

A man who recently stamped his own gold coins — out of real gold — was raided and arrested by the U.S. Treasury Department which announced that his GOLD coins were “counterfeit!” (…)

After the drug companies stole the lovastatin molecule from red yeast rice to create their own statin drugs, the FDA tried to ban all red yeast rice as a dietary supplement, claiming it contained “counterfeit statin drugs.” (…)

When the alternative media like NaturalNews and Infowars publishes real news that nobody else will publish, it’s called “fake” by the corrupt, openly bought-and-paid-for mainstream media (the OLD media).

Real is fake, fake is real

That’s how the world works today, folks: Things that are REAL — herbal medicine, gold coins, truthful journalism — are all called FAKE.

Meanwhile, things that are FAKE — the money supply, pharmaceutical medicine, myths of U.S. history and justification for war — are all called REAL.

No wonder most people feel like their world has been turned upside down. But there’s an easy way out: When you see someone from the government moving their lips, and words are coming out, there’s no need trying to figure out whether what they’re saying is REAL or FAKE.

It’s all simpler than you think: If their lips are moving, then what they’re saying is REALLY FAKE, and you can leave it at that.

Weird Astral Projections


From Dick Sutphen’s blog…

Medium Susan Austin Taylor is a regular guest on my radio show and one of my favorite guests. She lives day-to-day with the dead, and always has fascinating stories to tell about her contacts with the other side. Susan also teaches a great class on astral projection.

She recently told stories of her latest adventures. A dead man came to her as she was falling asleep holding up a newspaper. It was a Spanish paper and she told the spirit that she couldn’t read the language. He brought the paper closer and closer to her. She shook her head and he disappeared.

Later, out of body, she encountered the same man, who wanted to show her downed electrical lines lying in water outside a hotel. She told him to be careful, that it was very dangerous.

As she found out later, the man had come to her with the newspaper announcing his own death on the front page, the day before it happened. He had worked at the hotel and when he went outside to see the storm damage, was electrocuted.

In another complicated story she described being out of body and exploring a portal to another dimension.

She’ll be on the show in the next few weeks and you can listen to her in the archives. Just go to and click on the “Dick Sutphen’s Metaphysical World” page. An archive listing of three years of shows is there.

And I get mail. Here’s an example of the type of notes I receive several times a week. This was posted on my private messages board at Facebook.

Mr. Sutphen, I am so pleased to make your acquaintance! I actually “met” you many, many years ago … here is your promised story: This happened about 18 years ago and requires just a bit of background. I have what I call teaching dreams. They usually take the form of instruction, and I never forget them. They are treasures, indeed.

Well, one night I had a “visit” from a Pleiadian lady. She told me that her visit was just a heads up for me that the project to which I had been assigned was exceeding their wildest hopes. Now, what the project was, I had no idea, but somehow I also had the impression that it involved either my husband or my son. I actually woke up repeating the word “Pleiadian” over and over. Ok. That led me on a chase after everything I could find about the Pleiades.

Shortly thereafter, I began to wake up repeating other trigger words, one of which was Sutphen. Trust me, that one stumped me because I didn’t know if it was a who or a what!! I had never heard of you, never seen any of your books, and I was at a loss as to how I could research the word. I had no computer, only ordinary resources; I’m sorry to tell you that you are not in my dictionary!! ;-) As it turned out, (a bit of serendipity here!) a few days later, I walked into a little shop downtown and there, on a used book rack was a book by you, Dick Sutphen! I almost fainted dead away.

I took it to the counter and asked the lady if she were familiar with you and your work. Of course, she recommended the book and I bought it. I cannot now remember the name, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do recall that it treated karmic bonds among a group of souls that needed to be dissolved. Whether I am part of said group, I do not know, but the whole experience was a beautiful thread in the tapestry of my life. The trigger words continued to present themselves for some time, and each one I explored as best I could. Of all the words given to me, Sutphen was the most fun to discover. It has been many years now since I have had the gift of a word, but no doubt, if the need arises, they will be back!!! My sincere thanks to you for being part of a wonderful adventure in my life.
Charlotte Evans


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Fifty New Alien Worlds Discovered

Batch of Fifty New Alien Worlds Discovered

Analysis by Ian O’Neill


Astronomers have announced the discovery of 50 (yes, five-zero) exoplanets, the largest group of alien worlds announced at one time. Sixteen of these worlds are “super-Earths” — exoplanets that possess masses larger than Earth, yet much lower than the gas giants.

This time, however, the announcement doesn’t come from NASA’s orbital exoplanet hunter, the Kepler Space Telescope, it comes from the European Southern Observatory’s (ESO) High Accuracy Radial velocity Planet Searcher (or HARPS for short).

As with any exoplanet announcement comes the question: are any of these newly discovered worlds suitable for life? And, in this case, the answer is: maybe.

SEE ALSO: Kepler Scientist: ‘Galaxy is Rich in Earth-Like Planets’

Enter HD 85512b, an exoplanet with a mass 3.6 times that of the Earth. This “super-Earth” is exciting in that not only can it be considered a jumbo-sized Earth, it also orbits its sun-like star (HD 85512) on the inner rim of the star’s habitable zone.

“This is the lowest-mass confirmed planet discovered by the radial velocity method that potentially lies in the habitable zone of its star, and the second low-mass planet discovered by HARPS inside the habitable zone,” said Lisa Kaltenegger, of the Max Planck Institute for Astronomy, Heidelberg, Germany and Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Boston, who is an expert on the habitability of exoplanets.

SEE ALSO: Milky Way Stuffed with 50 Billion Alien Worlds

HARPS contrasts greatly from the methods employed by Kepler to detect exoplanets. Located at La Silla Observatory in Chile, HARPS is a spectrometer that analyzes the light from stars.

Over a period of time, HARPS may detect a slight shift in a target star’s frequency. If this shift is periodic, it means something is orbiting the star. By precisely measuring the tiny shift, the HARPS team can deduce the orbiting body’s mass and orbital period (its orbital radius can therefore be calculated).

However, one thing HARPS cannot deduce is an exoplanet’s physical size. Therefore, although finding a 3.6 Earth mass world is exciting, we have no idea whether it’s the same size of the Earth, or puffed up like a mini-Neptune. Therefore, we have no idea if HD 85512b is rocky, or gaseous, or something more exotic.

SLIDE SHOW: Top 10 Places To Find Alien Life

This is where Kepler is different, it is able to deduce exoplanets’ physical size. When a world passes in front of its parent star, the exoplanet’s silhouette will block a certain amount of light, relating to its physical size.

But Kepler can only see exoplanets if they are orbiting their star “edge-on” — making HARPS’s “radial velocity method” a very powerful tool for detecting worlds that would otherwise remain hidden from Kepler’s “transit method” eye.

Also, HARPS is no newbie to the field of exoplanet hunting. In the last eight years the instrument has detected 150 new exoplanets, and with the help of these new data, it has made a groundbreaking discovery: Approximately 40 percent of sun-like stars possess at least one exoplanet less massive than Saturn.

Also, the majority of exoplanets of Neptune mass or less appear to be in systems with multiple planets.

Needless to say, this finding will reinvigorate the discussions of the potential for life on these low-mass worlds, particularly when super-Earths are pottering around inside their stars’ habitable zones.

But as discussed by Ray Villard in a recent Discovery News article (“Pale Red Dot: Desert Planets as Abodes for Life?“), dry, desert worlds may have a higher likelihood of supporting alien life than worlds drenched in water, like Earth. Therefore, desert planets have habitable zones three-times wider than Earth-like worlds.

The scope for the existence of extraterrestrial life appears to have widened, too.

Image credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser


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An Ancient Perspective on the Idea of “Waking Up”

An Ancient Perspective on the Idea of “Waking Up”

by Cameron Day

The tone and character of a person’s experiences as we navigate the journey out of total amnesia, and back into full self-awareness, is unique to each individual.  Still, some general patterns can be observed, as well as specific guidelines on how to make the ride go more smoothly for you.

First, we have to talk about the more common reaction to the rapidly increasing energetic frequencies of transformation: Freaking out.

People are freaking out more than ever lately without knowing exactly why.  One can blame a thousand “external” reasons for why they are freaking out, but the truth is that this is simply the purging of unconscious guilt that has been carried over many long-forgotten millennia.

A person’s biggest obstacle to self-forgiveness and releasing this massive repository of guilt is taking the physical world too seriously.  In other words, thinking that the physical world is the most important thing ever.

It is not.

Far more important is our true identity as a fully aware, divine being. How can we simultaneously exist as a being with infinite awareness, infinite Oneness with the One Creator, yet still find ourselves mired in all this worldly mess?

If that divine state is our true identity (and it is…) then how can this world possibly be real?  Well, as solid and real as all this seems, it is actually more accurately described a dream. This concept has been espoused in many ancient spiritual traditions, but very few people spend much time contemplating the full importance of what “this world is a dream” means.

The truth is that when you fully awaken from this dream, you will return to the infinite awareness that you never actually “left” behind.  Here is an easy analogy:  Let’s imagine that last night you had a bad dream.  When you woke up safe and sound in your bed, you breathed a sigh of relief that it was just a dream, and went about your day, quickly forgetting whatever occurred in your mind while you were asleep.

From your Higher Self’s perspective, everything that occurs in the physical world is also a dream. Nothing in this dream can harm your true identity, just like nothing that you dream at night can harm you as a person.

The big difference between dreams at night and the waking, physical dream is that the physical dream has longer lasting consequences, which makes it seem much more real.

Compounding this sense of realism is the voice of the ego-mind at work in all of our spheres of consciousness.  The ego will tell you that everything in the dream is real, that it all matters, and that it can harm you, so you should fight and resist whatever looks “bad” and “wrong” and seek out safety and protection in a myriad of forms.

The voice of your higher self will tell you instead, “You are dreaming, and none of the forms in this dream can harm you.” These are two VERY different voices, and it is up to us to re-program our minds so that we are thinking the thoughts of the Higher Divine Self, instead of the same old habitual ego thoughts that have literally dominated over 90% of the thoughts in our minds for eons of incarnations.

So the choice is a simple one, but NOT an easy one, because it isn’t a single moment of choice, but rather a thousand choices made all throughout your day. Further complicating the issue is that the ego has a mind of its own, and it NEEDS to impose that mind onto you in order to preserve its illusory existence.

Yes, the ego is just another illusion…one of many illusions, and the most deceptive of them all.

How do you know when you are thinking within the ego’s thought system?  Just look at 90% of the thoughts you’ve thought for your whole life, especially after puberty, and you’ll begin to see a pattern.

The ego’s thought system consists of believing in illusions, especially these:  Guilt, sin, fear, separation, judgment, punishment, obfuscation, lies, anger, hate, death, destruction, pain, sorrow, loss, revenge, dominance, victimization and especially minor annoyance.

Minor annoyance?  Uh oh…those thoughts are around a lot, aren’t they?  You bet they are!  “Minor” annoyance is one of the foundations of the ego’s thought system. If it can get you mildly annoyed now, it can convince you to get REALLY angry later.

The good news is that the thought system of your True Divine Higher Self is always waiting for you to align your mind with its thoughts.  Your higher mind will tell you first of all, “This is a dream of your own making.  If you don’t like what you have made, forgive yourself for projecting it into your dream and choose a different thought about what you see.”

The thought system of your Holy Spirit Self is based on:  Forgiveness, innocence, love, compassion, giving, clarity, truth and Oneness.  It is actually a very simple, yet incredibly powerful thought system that gradually undoes the complexity and lies of the ego’s thought system in your mind.


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Self-Esteem Meditations by Serge Kahili King

Self Esteem Meditations
by Serge Kahili King

You can read about increasing your self esteem and you can practice a mind-boggling variety of techniques from many sources to increase your self esteem, but nothing is going to work until you begin to feel better about yourself.

Based on our natural human ability to mimic – and eventually grok – whatever we keep our attention on, here are some meditations designed to bypass all the intellectual stuff and work directly with your Ku.

Because these meditations require a lot of sustained attention in order to produce the desired effect, please do not do them while reading a novel, watching television, playing a video game, driving a car, flying an airplane, or operating heavy equipment.

Each meditation involves imagination and reflection, so prepare yourself for that. Choose a comfortable posture – standing, sitting, or lying down – that will help you maintain conscious awareness, keep your eyes open or closed as you prefer, and take two or three slow deep breaths (or use pikopiko if you know it). Although the descriptions are short, take the time to experience each part as fully as you can.

Be a tree
Think of a tree, one you know well and feel good about. Imagine what it might be like to be a tree, with roots growing down into the ground, with a trunk and branches and leaves or needles. Imagine what it feels like to draw nourishment from the soil, to have sap moving upward through your trunk around your core and protected by your bark. Feel the sensations of new branches growing, of leaves or needles forming, and perhaps flowers budding and blooming, of generating seeds that eventually fall away. Be aware of the wind as it moves you, of the sunlight that empowers you, of the slight weight of birds or animals moving upon you. And reflect on the fact that you simply are what you are. There are no rules in Nature that tell you how you should grow or how you should look. There is no hierarchy of trees that tells you how to behave. You are simply a tree, complete, and yet always becoming more than you are.

Be an island
Think of an island that you know, or know of. It might be tropical, desert-like, or arctic; mountainous, hilly, or flat; forested, jungled, or barren; inhabited or not. Imagine what it would be like to be such an island. There may be a lot of things to consider, so take your time and explore yourself. Pay attention to the water that surrounds you and how it feels as the waves touch your shores. At first it might seem like the water separates you from the rest of the world, but if you reflect on it a bit you’ll realize that it actually connects you to distant shores of other islands and continents. In the same way, the wind that blows over you, perhaps bringing clouds and rain, also connects you to all the places that the wind has been and that the clouds have drawn their water from. And be sure to shift your awareness to that part of your island self that lies below the water, the part that actually, physically, does connect you to the whole of the earth.

Be a river
Think of a river that you know, or know of. It can be the part of the river that tumbles down a mountainside, the part that emerges from a waterfall, the part that moves like rapids through gorges or canyons, the part that flows slowly and broadly through forests or farmlands, or the part that is close to the sea where it can taste the salt of the ocean. Be aware of the feel of your banks and your bed as you brush past or over them; be aware of the life of other creatures that live on you or in you; and be very aware of the irresistable urge that keeps you moving downward, toward a place that is as close to the center of the earth that is possible for you to reach. Reflect on the fact that this is your primary focus, your main motivation, to reach the center. And reflect also on the fact that even when you are not directly moving toward the center as rapidly as you can, there are some parts of you that continue to seep downward as far as they can go, and other parts that evaporate upward to form clouds that release rain that helps you continue your life as a river.

Be a butterfly
Think of a butterfly, the type of your choice. Imagine what it would be like to find yourself trapped in a prison of your own making, triumphantly breaking free of the cocoon, and sun-drying your wings in the open air. How would it be to lift off and fly for the first time, moving and adjusting four wings as you adapt to the wind and change direction rapidly when you need to or want to? Be aware of how your antennae test the scent of flowers, and how your eyes see colors that range beyond human vision. Notice how wonderous it is to be able to sense the taste of leaves and flowers through your feet when you gently land upon them. Reflect on how quickly your memory of being imprisoned fades away and how easy it becomes to let go of the past without worrying about the future, not caring where you came from, letting the future take care of itself, and spending all your time just flying around, sipping nectar, and making love.

Be the Earth
Think of the Earth as a planet in space, all mostly blue and white with touches of green and brown; abundantly, joyfully alive and beautiful. Imagine what it would be like to be a planet that is consciously aware of itself, aware of being alive, and aware that there is no difference between its life and the life of everything in it, on it, and around it. As the planet, be aware of your molten core and the great mass of matter that forms your body, moving around yourself, around the moon, and around the sun. Be aware, too, of the short-lived creatures that burrow, crawl, swim, walk, run, and fly all over your wrinkled surface and be glad that the wrinkles don’t even show from a few miles away. Feel the constant movement of water and wind across that surface, notice your magnetic and ionized aura, and welcome the energy granted you by your parent sun. Take pleasure in your own unconditional granting of air, water, food, and shelter to those parts of yourself that need such things, doing it out of caring, enjoying appreciation, but not requiring it. You are the Provider, that is what you do, and within you there is neither anger, nor fear, nor doubt. You are the living embodiment of love.

Be the sun
Think of the sun, a fiery ball of light, pulling planets along with it as it slowly circles the galaxy. Imagine what it must feel like to be such a gigantic source of endless energy, using your powerful gravity to keep your family of planets together, while at the same time radiating enormous amounts of light to help produce warmth, visibility, and life itself. You and you alone are the primary source of every kind of power in your entire solar system. On Earth, yours is the power that moves the winds to mix the elements needed by plants and animals, that heats the oceans to allow rain to fall that causes rivers to flow, that gives plants and animals the power to grow and multiply. You are also the source of great beauty, of sunrises and sunsets, of the auroras, and of colors of every kind. From within yourself, you empower life elsewhere, and you have enough and to spare for everything and everyone everywhere in your domain.

Be a wave
This may be a stretch, but think of a wave. Most people will probably find it easiest to think of an ocean wave, so we’ll start with that. Imagine what it would be like to be a wave moving through the deep ocean, like a swell. Imagine yourself big or small, broad or narrow, moving steadily forward, and do your best to imagine yourself as a pure wave of energy. You are moving through the ocean. You are not made of water, you are not made of anything. Something started you moving, but that doesn’t matter right now. What does matter is where you go and what you become. Imagine moving toward a landmass of some kind. As you move closer and the water that you are moving through becomes more shallow, you feel yourself rising higher and higher until the water impacts against a cliff. You are suddenly aware, perhaps with surprise and delight, that although the water has stopped, you have not. Now, however, you are moving forward as a different kind of wave, a vibration in the rock. You move in all directions, but for the moment you pay attention to a part of yourself that moves upward towards the roots of a tree, and then you become a vibration wave in the tree that stirs you into becoming part of a wave in the wind that carries the scent of blossoms to a young couple sitting on a hill with hands entwined and you, as the wave, touch their skin and you turn into a wave of pure pleasure that turns into smiles on both of their faces.

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