Student Transcripts and Grades

IMU is an online college that offers degrees in ufology, holistic healing, intuitive arts, paranormal studies, consciousness studies, shamanism and more.Grades

In each course, students can always track their grades in the course by clicking into the Gradebook option in Sakai (Course Management System.) Upon completion of the course, the student will receive a grade from the instructor and from IMU. This grade will then be logged in your student files and compiled into an official IMU Transcript.


Transcripts are available upon request. Students may request one copy of the transcript per year. Additional transcripts are available for an administrative fee of $10.

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  1. Ply (jacob) Landers says:

    hello i am a senior at boise high school, very intrested in metaphysics, healing, and experimenting with these less known, and aknoledged energys, im an aquaries with alot of thought. i belive my slfe to be a legitimate shawman, i have aquired a black opal from the eath and feel the calling. if you tink you can help hone my skills or teach me to maintain these abilities ive been having it would be aprechiated. contact me if you would like. my phone number
    (208)-695-7384 or email me, at

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