Career Options in Metaphysics

One student put it best when he said, “I just want to know what’s inside of me better….” What a great way of putting it! At IMU, we train leaders. We train people who are interested in leading the world into the new paradigm! This is not like the degrees of old!

In the traditional job world, a degree in Metaphysics is akin to a “Liberal Arts” degree you can pick up at other universities. It gives you the same clout in seeking a job as any other degree that “teaches you to think” as compared to a degree that trains you to “do a task”.

Your “Area of Major Specialization” will then train you as an expert in a specific area. As an expert in your field, you will then have the tools you need to create the life of your choice. At IMU, we give you the ability to think and create, making it possible for you to create a unique path in the world that others may have never considered before!

Consciousness Studies

This degree is akin to a degree in Philosophy, Theology, or History. It is a degree that creates well-rounded graduates who are quick thinkers and are problem solvers.

With this degree you can pursue any number of careers. These include: Manager, Minister, Author, Speaker, Workshop Leader. You can start your own healing or spiritual development center or church.

Intuitive Studies

This area of specialization is really designed for people who want to expand on their psychic skills to make a living out of it.

Develop your intuitive skills in conjunction with practical every day skills like accounting and web development. You can use these skills to work as a professional psychic or spiritual coach, earning a living in your local community or via the internet. You can also use these skills as an author or workshop leader.

There are a multitude of very lucrative career options in the mainstream world as a talented and skilled intuitive with honed business skills and savvy.

Holistic Health

Many people believe that Holistic Health is the healthcare of the future. With this program you will learn practical healing techniques in conjunction with real world application skills. Develop yourself spiritually while learning a top-quality healing set in conjunction with marketing and business skills.

It is a top-notch combination that is perfect for people who want to develop a practice as a holistic healer or for people who wish to add this skill set to their allopathic practice.

Paranormal Studies

It’s almost impossible to turn on the TV nowadays without seeing a show without a paranormal component! TV series are always looking for people who have advanced knowledge in the paranormal and who have practical skills to support that. Plus cities everywhere are popping up with ghost tours and conferences. People LOVE this stuff! Not to mention ghost-hunting parties and events and house clearings.

You can even combine this degree with training in the media to make your own movies, documentaries, etc. or to become an author, speaker, or workshop leader.

Or combine an interest in science with actual research and documentation of paranormal activity.


Shamanism is the oldest spiritual tradition known to humankind. It is more a way of life than a set of techniques, and is a system of direct revelation. It is a calling and a place in the community. It is beyond traditional classroom learning and extends out into how you live your life and how you treat all creation around you. It is, by all accounts, who you are.

Participants in this program will gain an understanding of the essential components of shamanism and how this practice has evolved into the 21st century. Students will learn the tenants of shamanism and be given tools for integrating these lessons into their own life.


Of all the specializations available at IMU, this one probably offers the most interesting and diverse career options! Create a business around this unique topic, become a lecturer, speaker or workshop leader, do field investigation or write books, both fiction or nonfiction, become an investigative journalist, make movies, TV programs, or documentaries or consult on movies, TV programs, or documentaries.

You can also set up a career as a life coach or hypnotist working directly with contactees and abductees.

Finally, you can enter the world of politics to work as a political activist working toward disclosure or working in the political and government arena on the area of UFOs in preparation for contact or landings.

4 Responses to Careers

  1. Mildred says:

    I am short about 9 credits from a BA…can I get this credits at your program? If not, may I still take class?

    Thank you.

    Mildred Young

    • admin says:

      Hi Mildred,

      Great question. Currently, you can get your degree through IMU even if you haven’t completed a traditional bachelor’s. When/If we achieve mainstream accreditation this will no longer be the case but for now, it works to your advantage. The criteria is really whether or not you have what it takes to complete the course not what you have already taken. And yes, anyone can take a course with us at any time. Do you know what course you are interested in?

  2. Callie McKay says:

    I am 17 and currently a junior in high school. Could i take these courses and earn my degree now, or do I have to wait until I’ve graduated.

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