Our Creed

IMU is a ministry of the International Metaphysical Churches in the state of West Virginia. As a church ministry, IMU makes no claims regarding state or national authorization or accreditation.

  • We believe in Source Energy.
  • Source Energy is impersonal and all loving.
  • Source Energy is conscious and is the essence of all living things.
  • Source Energy expresses itself as vibration and light. This is the nature of our reality, which is ultimately an illusion.
  • The resistance to what is, is the cause of all suffering. The release of resistance results in joy and ultimately ascension.
  • Humans are Source Energy manifested into physical form.
  • As Source Energy, humans are creators, imbued with the sacred power of choice.
  • We are All One experiencing ourselves as individuals.
  • Source Energy cannot be destroyed and therefore we are immortal.
  • Everything in the universe is unfolding according to a divine plan even when we can’t see it.

Our Book

While we belive that all books contain sacred knowledge that can awaken truth within a person, we subscribe to the teachings put forward in the Kybalion. These seven principles are the building blocks of all life and can be considered the universal laws. These laws can be applied to any spiritual or religious teaching and can be found in all of the sacred texts in one way or another. These principles include:

  • The Principle of Mentalism
  • The Principle of Correspondence
  • The Principle of Vibration
  • The Principle of Polarity
  • The Principle of Rhythm
  • The Principle of Cause and Effect
  • The Principle of Gender

These seven principles are taught at length in the class, Principles of Metaphyiscs, which is a requirement for all graduates of IMU and highly recommended for students in the Ordination program.

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