Kelly Weary, Director of Communications; Program Director Ufology and Paranormal Studies

Kelly Weary is the Communication Director for International Metaphysical University (IMU) and functions as Program Director for the both the Ufology Department and for the Paranormal Studies department.

As Communication Director, she also interacts with all forms of multimedia for IMU and coordinating with the community and publicity team. Kelly manages blogs and social media outlets for the University.

As Program Director, Kelly oversees the curriculum development and management of the Ufology and Paranormal Studies programs and oversees both instructors and students within the program.

After a long career in retail management, as a clothing buyer and visual display artist, she created her own successful clothing business on the Internet and has been self employed for the last decade plus.

Her lifelong obsession with UFO’s,  the unexplained and passion for paranormal travel makes her especially excited to be part of the team at IMU. She lives in a fun college town in Athens, Ohio with her husband and daughter.

3 Responses to Kelly Weary, Ufology & Paranormal Studies

  1. Pat Dekeseredy says:

    This is excellent news! Congrats Kelly!

  2. tamaran says:

    My 13yr old is interested in paranormal studies; she want to major in it.
    How can she prepare for this field of study before entering college.
    Does your college offer scholarships for paranormal studies?

    thank you,

    • admin says:

      Its a very good question and actually quite common. So many young people are interested in the paranormal nowadays that you would be amazed. It simply doesn’t have the stigma that it did 20 or 30 years ago.

      I would start by taking your youngster to local metaphysical shops and see what sort of workshops they offer. You can learn a lot in a weekend or even in a few hours. I’d also suggest that you get lots of books on the subject and begin reading. Books on tape are another great option.

      Good luck and I hope they come back our way to get their degree in just a few years!

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