Masters Degree Program in Holistic Health

Getting a holistic health education, whether it is referred to as alternative medicine studies or natural health studies, is as much of a calling as it is an art or a  science. At the International Metaphysical University (IMU), our online program offers a comprehensive,  course load that focuses heavily in the area of Energy Medicine. The program was designed to certify students in a variety of protocols as you work your way toward a Masters Degree in Holistic Health. The goal is that any student who graduates from this Holistic Health program will be among the best-trained in the field. They will display a level of knowledge and a well-developed skillset that will qualify them to work with clients as a trained professional in the field.

Toward that end, we offer a world-class education that boasts some of the best-trained and well-known instructors anywhere. Students in the Holistic Health Studies will interact with both other students and the instructors as guided throughout the course.

To graduate with a Masters Degree in Metaphysics with a focus in Holistic Health, students must complete twelve courses (36 credits) as follows.

Required Courses

CON 501 Principles of Metaphysics
HH 503 Anatomy and Physiology
HH 505 Energy Kinesiology and Muscle Testing
RES 550 Research and Writing
RES 560 Capstone Project

Choose Any Five of the Following Courses

ORD 500 Ordination
HH 502 Energy Anatomy

HH 506 The Al-Chemia Remedies: Egyptian Flower and Sacred Sites Remedies
HH 520 Spiritual and Clinical Hypnosis: Non-Certification
HH620: Clinical and Spiritual Hypnosis: Certification
HH 514 Cellular Cleanse Level 1: Particles and Frequency
HH 515 Emotional Freedom Technique Certification
HH 521 Developing the Eyes of the Medical Intuitive
SHA 501 Foundations of Shamanism
SHA 502 Basic Shamanic Journeying
SHA 603 Fundamentals of Huna Shamanism
SHA 604 Huna Shaman Training
SHA 605 Ho’oponopono
PAR 502 The Art of Psychic Protection
CON 514 Meditation Techniques
IA 501 Foundations of Psychic Development
CON 503 Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry, and the Merkaba

Choose two electives from the Metaphysics program.


2 Responses to Holistic Health

  1. Cecelia says:

    Hello, what are the pre requisites for your programs?

    • admin says:

      HI Cecelia,

      At present our program is non-accredited. This comes with some drawbacks but it also comes with one very big advantage which is that we can still allow anyone into the program who is interested. It is important that you realize that it is a master’s degree program nonetheless and that it will require you to work at that level to earn the degree. Not everyone can do it. You will however get the chance to prove yourself if you want it.

      Does that answer your question?

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