Master’s Degree in Metaphysics, Focus in Paranormal Studies

To graduate with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics with a focus in Paranormal Studies, students must complete twelve courses as follows.

Paranormal Studies program at IMURequired Courses

CON 501 Principles of Metaphysics
PAR 501 Understanding our Paranormal Universe
PAR 502 The Art of Psychic Protection
RES 550 Research and Writing
RES 560 Capstone Project

Choose Any Four of the Following Courses

PAR 503 Science, Religion, and the Paranormal
PAR 505 Exoconsciousness

PAR 603 Spirit Detachment, Home and Business Clearing
IA 501 Foundations of Psychic Development
Anything from the Ufology Department
Anything from the Intutive Arts Department

Choose Three Electives from Any Program

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