SHA 501 Foundations of Shamanism

Instructor: Mark Perkins

Course Description:

This course studies shamanism from the perspective of anthropology, psychology, consciousness studies, and the physical sciences and gives the student a broad perspective on how shamanic studies relates to research-oriented arts and sciences plus it gives the student a broad historical perspective of shamanism.

Instructor Information:

Mark Perkins

  • Published author, My Journey Back to Oneness
  • Trained in basic and advanced Ho’oponopono as taught by Morna Simeona and Dr. Vince Wingo.
  • Participated in advanced training workshops in shamanism and shamanic healing with anthropologist and author Hank Wesselman PhD and transpersonal medical practitioner Jill Kuykendall RPT
  • Certified ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, an energy healing technique based on Hawaiian Spirituality) teacher by Laurie Grant (re-discoverer of ARCH) after three year apprenticeship
  • Conducts regular seminars on shamanism and energy healing.

Required Text and Learning Materials:

  • An Encyclopedia of Shamanism by Christina Pratt
  • Shamans Through Time: 500 years on the path to knowledge Edited by Jeremy Narby and Francis Huxley

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Define the term shamanism
  • Describe the three shamanic worlds
  • Document the student’s research findings on the history of shamanism

Course Topics:

  • What is the link between the anthropologist and the Shaman?
  • How do the worlds of the Shaman relate to the view of psychology?
  • How are new descriptions of the cosmos moving closer to the shamanic view?
  • How does shamanic history vary from culture to culture?

Course Format:

The course is composed of audio/video presentations.


Students will conduct research into the history of a specific shamanic lineage, document the student’s findings and post these to the Chat Tool. Students will also use the Chat tool to communicate with other students and the faculty.


Students will write a brief paper describing the subjects in the Course Topics section of the Syllabus.

Course Calendar:

Self paced. Course must be completed within 12 weeks.

Mark Perkins

is an instructor in the Shamanism program at the International Metaphysical University, where they offer an online degree in metaphysics


Mark Allen Perkins has trained extensively in both Japanese Aikido, Hawaiian spiritual practices and shamanism. He currently lives in Boulder where he conducts healing ceremonies and seminars with individuals, families, and corporations.

Words from Mark…

“My path has been and continues to be an adventure. It includes the U.S. Marine Corps where I learned both sides of life, taking and preserving. We were trained dutifully in killing the enemy before he could kill us. I was then taught to gather information that could be used to save lives. I continued with this services-based view in the U.S. Government. I was trying to work within the system to try to make it less of a war machine and more of a benefit to all humanity.

During this time and as a logical continuation of my path, I began to study Aikido. The study of Aikido has been integral in my understanding of my “dark side.” This is part of an person that drives the ego-driven reaction to situations. It is the part that pushes back when pushed. It is the part that sees things as separate, dark and light, good and bad. Aikido has shown and is showing me that I need to understand both sides of the situation while providing a safe environment for all concerned.

In an effort to provide a safer environment to raise our children, my wife and I moved West with our toddler son. We found ourselves in an environment where alternative methods of doing things were accepted and encouraged. It was in this environment that I was offered the opportunity to study Reiki and Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing.

During these studies, the old “intelligence analyst” in me (the one who spent 15-years analyzing information and studying language/cultures for the Department of Defense) was very curious about the origins of Hawaiian healing and Spiritual practices. Therefore, I did what I know how to do best: research. That is when I found Shamanism and began to see the truth behind the practices of the elders.

Since that time, Shamanism has been a core part of my life and has led me to many more fascinating discoveries.”

For more information about Mark’s life and healing work see his recent book “My Journey back to Oneness” (2006).

Learn more about Mark at


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