Master’s Degree in Metaphysics, Focus in Ufology

To graduate with a Master’s Degree in Metaphysics with a focus in Ufology, students must complete twelve courses as follows.

Learn about UFOs and ETs in a university setting at the International Metaphysical University.Required Courses

CON 501 Principles of Metaphysics
UFO 501 Introduction to Ufology
RES 550 Research and Writing
RES 560 Capstone Project

Choose Any Five of the Following Courses

UFO 501 Introduction to Ufology
UFO 502 The Ultimate Cold Case File; The Roswell Incident
UFO 503 Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters
UFO510 UFO Contact & Abduction Phenomena
UFO 511 Crop Circles
UFO 512 Ancient Alien History
UFO 513 Field Investigations 101
UFO 601 Advanced Field Investigation
UFO 602 UFOs, Extraterrestrials & The Mystery Schools
IA 605 Mind Traveling UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Civilizations
PAR 502 The Art of Psychic Protection
IA 501 Foundations of Psychic Development
PAR 501 Understanding Our Paranormal Universe

Choose Any Three Electives from Any Program

15 Responses to Ufology

    • Sayaka says:

      The truth is not only OUT THERE!…. but in each of we who are Positive Light cciuonossness … we are fallen from the stars …. that was the fall of man … the entrapment of this world don’t want us to remember this …. but some do

      • Al says:

        We are not fallen from the stars. Soul and body are created at conception. We are human beings, and it’s ok too.

  1. Ida says:

    good site so far but you need to uptade it more often, there is ufo news stories almost every day now

  2. admin says:

    Hi Ida, thank you! I add the two top UFO stories for the week to our blog. If you would like to subscribe, send us your email address to or subscribe via RSS at the top right corner of this page. Kelly Weary, Program Director for Ufology

  3. Robert Easterbrook says:

    Hi Can Australian residents participate in the course, Richard?

  4. joshua says:

    hello, im a senior in highschool and take the subject of extratterestrials very seriously. people think im crazy for believing but all it takes is some careful research too see the truth. because of that im interested in this course. i want to spend my life studying aliens. however im also considering cryptozoology. please tell me the jobs that this course opens doors to. what type of pay can i expet? and do i need to be a supergenius to take the covrse? im mega strong in history but not math. will that

  5. joshua says:

    hurt me? how long does this course take? any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. i will be giving up my parents respect by going into this field so i hope u respect the time im putting into my search. i look forward to your awnser. thank you

  6. joshua says:

    sorry, ufology is the course im talking about.

  7. John sevier says:

    Read the Incedent at Exeter. I live directly across the small street where it occurred. And I continue to witness similar sightings

    • Ed Sanborn says:

      John Sevier,
      You said you are continuing to witness sightings in Exeter? If yes, i would be interested in speakign to you about this. Thanks, Ed

  8. Dedric Owens says:

    I’m very interested in earning a Masters in Ufology. I’ve broken the 12 classes down to be taken over a 3 year period; taking 4 classes a year. My question is how long is each course? 8, 10, 12 weeks? The reason I ask is because I’m currently attending college working on my Bachelors in Information Technology and work full time. I don’t want to put too much more on my plate and not be able to handle it.

    • mariana says:

      From what I’ve learned on the Test Drive, each course is completed in 12 weeks. I’m also looking to getting a degree in Ufology.

  9. admin says:

    Hi Gordon,

    Sounds like IMU is just the school for you. Call me at 304-295-4411 or email me at and we’ll see what we can do to get you up and running.


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