UFO 601 Advanced Field Investigation

Chuck ZukowskiInstructor

Chuck Zukowski

Course Summary

Paranormal defined: The word “Paranormal” has tried to be re-defined wrongfully to associate itself with the supernatural or basically ghosts. In actuality the word “Paranormal” is a general term coined at the beginning of the 19 century to designate experiences which are outside the realm of our normal experiences based on scientific explanation. This word would not only cover just Ghosts, but also Aliens, Bigfoot, and a host of other unexplainable phenomena’s in which people have encountered throughout Earth’s history.

Paranormal experiences which are outside the realm of our current scientific explanations demand investigations which are also outside the realm of our current scientific understandings. These types of strange phenomenon are originally tackled by a tremendous amount of research to try to fully understand them, but at one point the research must transcend into a physical investigation in which someone needs to partake in.

Investigative courses pertaining to these types of phenomena are generally derived by the individuals who make the personal sacrifice to investigate them. Years of experience in any field transferred to a course study, is the bases for modern day education at all levels. But somewhere in the mix of educational learning, the experiences which lie outside the realm of scientific explanation have been passed by and even sometimes shunned. So it is up to these unusual investigators themselves to pass the knowledge on, so as others may learn too!

This course will cover some very specific areas in which field investigators have crossed the scientific boundaries to try to understand, learn from, and answer some very hard questions. Investigators in this field are beholden to eye witnesses who are seeking help trying to understand and cope with what they experienced. There are no law enforcement agencies in which they can call, no government entities which will take them serious, there’s only us, “Field Investigators.”

Course Structure

Students will have at their disposal an audio lecture for each lesson varying in length at a minimum of 60 minutes. A work book may be included. We will then meet weekly for a short period of time to discuss that week’s lesson (meeting weekly TBD) and the student will have the opportunity to email questions at will to fully understand the lesson.

Course Expectations

Students will be expected to listen to every lesson and participate in discussions either weekly or by email. Pop quizzes and short written assignments will be determined by me depending on the outcome of the weekly discussions and participation. The final exam will consist of one “mock” field investigation (student’s preference) with associated documentation.

Field Investigation is not based on A, B, or C’s, it’s based on how much information you can get out of what you learned. This course will not follow academia grading curves based on percentages; this course will be a Pass or Fail. Neglecting to complete any of the assignments or final exam will fail the class. Make-up assignments or quizzes are accepted before the final exam.

Lesson Titles

  • Lesson One: Introductory to Field Investigations
  • Lesson Two: Lights in the Sky
  • Lesson Three: UFO Archeology Part One “Preliminary”
  • Lesson Four: UFO Archeology Part Two “Digging”
  • Lesson Five: Craft Landing Investigations
  • Lesson Six: Animal Mutilation Part One “Investigation”
  • Lesson Seven: Animal Mutilation Part Two “Lab and Field Follow-Up”
  • Lesson Eight: Underwater UFO Investigations
  • Lesson Nine: Abductions Part One “Need to Know Basics”
  • Lesson Ten: Abductions Part Two “Field Investigation”
  • Lesson Eleven: Bigfoot
  • Lesson Twelve: Releasing Information to the Public

Reading Materials

To be determined during the course.

About the Instructor

Chuck Zukowski is a Principle IC Mask Design Engineering Consultant with his company, Zukowski Inc. He has over 25 years in Microchip design and is a former Reserve Deputy Sheriff with the El Paso County Sheriff’s Department, Colorado. His education includes an AA, a BBA, a certification in Electronic Engineering, a POST certification with the state of Colorado, and a MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) Advanced Field Investigator certification.

For the past 26 years Chuck has been researching and investigating the UFO/Paranormal phenomenon. As a field investigator, he’s appeared on radio and television shows discussing his investigations. Chuck approaches every investigation as a skeptic looking for any known possibility before claiming otherwise. He also implements new and innovative field experiments from time to time, to enhance his investigations looking for new evidence

Chuck has lectured on the Roswell incident, Animal Mutilations, Bigfoot, and on other various UFO associated investigations, and from time to time is asked to teach training seminars discussing his experience and investigation techniques.

Chuck’s website, www.ufonut.com, displays various information on the UFO/Paranormal field which also includes personal blogs about his research and investigations. Working closely with PostInteractive.net, Chuck is also able to post professional quality videos and webisodes featuring his latest investigations.


  • Roswell Research and Field Investigations
  • UFO Sightings and Landing Trace Evidence Field Investigations
  • Animal Mutilations Investigations
  • BigFoot Field Investigations
  • Ghost Investigations
  • Alien Abduction Investigations
  • Paranormal Species Investigations
  • Amateur UFO Archeology Research and Field Investigations
  • Consultant for MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) and STAR Team Field Investigator
  • Certified PADI diver
  • Witness Interviewing Skills
  • Advanced technical knowledge


Students work at their own pace and have twelve weeks to complete this course.

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