UFO 5o2 The Ultimate Cold Case File; The Roswell Incident


Donald R. Schmitt

Course Description:

We will incorporate the premise that popular TV crime dramas continue to share one thing in common with UFO investigations – the search for the truth. This course will take the student through an actual investigation of the famous UFO case – the Roswell Incident of 1947.

Without conclusive physical evidence and/or accepted documentation to prove the true nature of the case, Roswell is of necessity a “witness case.” Nonetheless, the class will utilize a very proactive search for and examination of all types of evidence… no matter where that evidence may lead us. Welcome to the adventure known as Roswell…the most exciting story of our time.

Text Book:

  • Witness to Roswell (2009 revised addition)
  • E-book available at Amazon.com

Course Objectives:

The central focus of the class will attempt to build a case that something extraordinary effected all those involved with the 1947 incident. A team approach will be applied when appropriate, as students will also experience field investigation techniques without leaving their computer. All within the context of scientific methodology, each aspect of this importantly historic occurrence will be pieced together as one would prepare a case before a judge and jury.

Students will learn specific problem solving practices, all of which can be applied in their every day lives:

  • The historic record
  • The chronology of events
  • How people react to abnormal experiences
  • Maintaining a healthy dose of skepticism
  • The art of the interview
  • When good sources go bad
  • Reluctant witnesses – breaking the barriers
  • Inconsistencies of eyewitness testimony
  • Building a case for the extraordinary
  • Addressing the alternative explanations
  • Has science been wrong before
  • Accepting the impossible


  • Students will take a 10-question objective quiz for each audio lecture and reading assignment (tests and quizzes) – 900 potential pts.
  • Students will participate in forum discussions covering topics from the lectures.
  • Students will write a 3-page paper applying the information taught in the class to their own life. – 100 potential pts.

Grading Scale:

Class is as follows, based on percentages:
90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, 70-79 = C, 60-69 = D, 0-59 = F


Students have twelve weeks to complete this course.

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