Masters of Arts Degree in Metaphysics

MerkabaEarn your Masters Degree in Metaphysics at the International Metaphysical University. The masters degree consists of 36 credit hours (12 courses of 3 hours each). The specific curriculum is discussed under each major area of study.

Six Major Areas of Study are currently available: Consciousness Studies, Intuitive Arts, Holistic Healing, Paranormal Studies, Shamanism, Ufology. Students may also choose to design their own program under the general banner of metaphysics.

Major Areas of Study

Six different Major Areas of study are available. These include Consciousness Studies, Holistic Health, Intuitive Arts, Paranormal Studies, Shamanism, and Ufology. Students may also opt for a plain degree in Metaphysics. This allows students to choose any 8 of their twelve courses. The only required courses are CON501 Principles of Metaphysics, RES 550 Research Methodology, and RES 560 Capstone Project.

To see the curriculum for each of the Master’s Degree programs, click on the link below.

Consciousness Studies

Holistic Health

Intuitive Arts


Paranormal Studies



Course Catalog



Take the time to look at our curriculum and the quality of our instructors and you will see why we rank as perhaps the best of the metaphysical colleges and universities in the world.

Earn your Masters in Metaphysics at your own pace at our fully-integrated online-university. Choose from a broad selection of metaphysics courses and earn your Masters in Metaphysics in the area of your choice.


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