Enroll Today

Students the world around are invited to take courses through the International Metaphysical University! You can take courses for personal development, certification, or for a Masters Degree. IMU is an open enrollment institution. Follow these steps to enroll.

STEP 1: Submit Application: Complete the application below.

STEP 2: Choose Your Classes. Go to the curriculum section of the website to review the list of courses for the program you choose. Call IMU at 304-295-4411 for guidance.

STEP 3: Register for Classes. Students are encouraged to take no more than 5 courses at a time. Courses are 12-weeks in length.

Congratulations! You will receive log-in information and instructions on how to proceed via email within 48 hours. For additional assistance, contact IMU at info@intermetu.com or by phone at 304-295-4411.

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