Please select the course(s) in which you wish to enroll. All courses are $425.00 unless otherwise noted. Payment plans are also available. If you need further assistance, please call the university enrollment office at 304-295-4411.

ORD 500 Ordination

Instructor: Deborah Lindsey

CON 501 Principles of Metaphysics

Instructor: Deborah Lindsey

CON 502 Comparative Religion

Instructor: Jim Bowman

CON 503 Flower of Life, Sacred Geometry and the Merkaba

Instructor: Dr. Bruce Vinikas

CON 511 Mayan Calendar: Transformation of Consciousness

Instructor: Carl Johan Calleman

CON 514 Meditation Techniques

Instructor: Geoff Byrd

CON 601 The Purposeful Universe

Instructor: Carl Johan Calleman

CON 604 Basic Principles of the Law of One

Instructor: Carla Rueckert

CON 612 Al-Chemia Remedies

Instructor: Leslie Zehr

HH 503 Anatomy and Physiology

HH 512  Hypnosis Level 1 Clinical and Spiritual Hypnosis

Instructor: Dick Sutphen

HH 514  Cellular Cleanse Level 1:Particles and Frequency

Instructor: Patti Conklin

HH 515 Emotional Freedom Technique Certification Course Level 1 and 2

Instructor: Deborah Lindsey

HH 604 Hypnosis Level 2 Master Spiritual Hypnosis

Instructor: Dick Sutphen

IA 501 Animal Communication

Instructor: Georgina Cyr

IA 511 Astrology

Instructor: Susan Sheppard

IA 512 Tarot

Instructor: Terry Lively

IA 605 Mind Traveling UFOs and ET Civilizations

Instructor: John Terry

501 Understanding Our Paranormal Universe

Instructor: Rupert Matthews

Proxy: Janet Decker

PAR 502  The Art of Psychic Protection

Instructor: Jeffrey Seelman

PAR 503  Science, Religion and the Paranormal

Instructor: Paul Eno

PAR 511  Ghost Hunting Techniques

Instructor: Dale Kaczmarek

UFO 501 Introduction to Ufology

Instructor: Richard Dolan

UFO 503 Variety of Extraterrestrial Encounters

Instructor: Barbara Lamb

UFO 602 UFOs, Extraterrestrials and Mystery Schools

Instructor: Judy Kennedy

SHA 501 Foundations of Shamanism

Instructor: Mark Perkins

SHA 502 Basic Shamanic Journeying

Instructor: Sandra Ingerman

Proxy: Karen Furr

SHA 513 Toltec Nagual Reiki

Instructor: Randy Hastings

Proxy: Deborah Lindsey

SHA 603  Huna Shamanism

Instructor: Serge Kahlil King

SHA 604 Huna Shaman Training

Instructor: Serge Kahlil King

SHA 605  Ho’oponopono

Instructor: Mark Perkins

RES 550 Research Methodology

RES 560: Capstone Project



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