Bruce Vinikas, DOM


Born as Bruce Edward Vinikas, one of 5 children to Aldona Damerodas and Dr. Matthias Vitotus Vinikas (country doctor, physician & surgeon), grandson of Dr. Matthias Joseph Vinikas (Ambassador to the United States from the Republic of Lithuania before the Russian Revolution in 1917, associate of Thomas Edison, and physician). This lineage would have made me a Duke and heir to the Fiefdom of Klaypeda, on the shores of the North Sea, of the Kingdom of Lithuania, had it not been for the strange twists and turns of history.


The Roman Catholic Church with the High Mass in Latin and incense-filled Cathedrals really opened me up at an early age. Past life recollection came as a child as well as direct UFO and extraterrestrial experience. Moving on, I left the Air Force (Vietnam era) to pursue spiritual enlightenment. Since that time I have walked the Native American Path and am a Sweat Lodge Water Pourer and Fire Tender, in the tradition marked by the Thunderbird clan from the Allegheny Watershed area  (NW Penna.). I have been duly Initiated into the Vedic Path and have spent many years in the ashrams of several great Eastern Teacher-Guru-Saints. I have participated in several Mystery Schools (public aspects of the inner Brotherhoods). I am an active Dream Worker and enjoy OBEs.


I am a co-creator/founder and member of the Houston and the Orlando Men’s Councils. I co-created the Houston Youth at Risk Program (inspired by Werner Erhard, so yes, I have done the Est Training, Forum and Landmark.) I created Esteem Builders Adventure Challenge programs and have worked with hard-core New York City youth gangs. I am an experiential educator and ROPES Therapist. As an Initiator of Transcendental Meditation, I have taught yoga and meditation to hundreds of people in many venues (prisons, schools, colleges, business).


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  1. Marianne says:

    Hi, just wondering if you are the same Bruce Vinikas who is involved with the Candida Clinic in Florida?


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