Geoff Byrd

Geoff Byrd is an instructor at the International Metaphysical University, an online college that offers degrees in metaphysicsGeoff Byrd, M.S. holds degrees in Psychology and Counseling from V.C.U. and the Medical College of Virginia. He is a graduate of the Professional Training Program of the Center for Mind Body Medicine.

Geoff is a Jungian Therapist specializing in relationships as spiritual path and is a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, advanced clinician. Apart from his counseling practice he brings 30 years of integrating Self Psychology, Meditation, Energetic Tai Chi and Qigong as well as music to the practice of the Spiritual Transformative Arts. He teaches Meditation, Mind/Body/Spirit Integrative Health Education, and is a Certified Healing Therapist, Teleios Practitioner and Matrix Energetics Practitioner.

Geoff has studied Vipassanna Meditation with S.N. Goenka, teacher, VMC, and is a member of the Bhavana Society, Bhante Gunaratana, teacher. He has also sat with Lao Russell, David Hawkins, Gangaji, Aurelia, Eckart Tolle, Andrew Cohen, Jack Kornfiled, Genpo Roshi, and Adyashanti.

To learn more about Geoff, go to his webpage at

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  1. Daniel says:

    How much is the course ??

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