Hans Decoz

Hans Decoz

Numerology expert Hans Decoz is the co-author of Numerology: The Key to Your Inner Self, and a line of Numerology products available on www.decoz.com offering Numerology reports like personality profiles and future forecasts.

Beginning his study of Numerology in 1969, Hans opened his professional Numerology practice in 1982. His keen interest in computer science led him to develop a logic- and computer-based divination system to assist his client work.

In 1985, he produced the first Numerology chart-maker program called the DecozChart. This unique Numerology program produces a complete Numerology chart that captures the many cycles and changes each person goes through in any 50-year period. The Decoz Chart is used to create the high degree of accuracy in your Numerology reports on Tarot.com.

Born on May 15, 1949 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Hans currently resides in Arizona. He offers Numerology lectures, courses and personal consultations to people around the globe. Numerology: The Key to Your Inner Self, authored with with Tom Monte, was published in 1994 by Avery Publishing Group, NY. Hans is the main force behind the world-famous website, www.tarot.com, which is now available as an application on iphones worldwide.

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