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Richard Dolan Interview on Open Minds TV


Check out this cool interview by Jason McClellan and Maureen Elsberry with Richard Dolan on Open Minds TV where he talks about his new course, “The Introduction to Ufology” at the International Metaphysical University. It is a GREAT Interview and explains why the leading historian in Ufology would want to take charge of a classroom of budding Ufologist and personally guide them thru the history and synchronicity of the subject.

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UFOs Make a Heart-Shaped Light in the Sky

IMU student Angelika Shaffer sent me these photos and I thought you all might enjoy them as much as I did.


“Here are some pictures that I took personally some years ago right on my land in the wilderness of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. It is the same picture, but I cropped it in different ways, so it’s easier to see that they are 3 lights. The lights on the left on the ground are also not there usually. The funny part is that I didn’t see the heart when I took the picture, I didn’t have my glasses on and just took the picture because of the rainbow, but when I later loaded the pics to my computer from the camera, I was astonished. If I hadn’t taken it myself I would have thought that it was done in photoshop, but not at all. This is for real.”

“When I took the picture I was in the middle of recording the Benediction CD in my cabin in the woods. (Angelika is a renowned New Age Musician) I came out in the middle of singing to the deck to admire the rainbow. I do not think they are earthly lights, I took it as a message of encouragement and love. But not from humans as such. There is no explanation really for it, so I just leave it as a loving mystery. I also mused that “they” needed only 3 lights to make the heart, so they “parked” the other 2 on the ground. :-)


Learn more about the Ufology program at the International Metaphysical University including our latest addition, “Introduction to Ufology” by world-renowned author and UFO expert Richard Dolan.

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Excerpt: Conclusion of Richard Dolan’s “The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991″

Published November 26, 2012. | By RDolan.

The first few paragraphs of the Conclusion of UFOs and the National Security State: The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991. by Richard M. Dolan (Keyhole Publishing, 2009) 638 p.

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The evidence is conclusive: an intelligent UFO phenomenon beyond the control of our civilization existed during the period under review of this study. Documented military encounters alone ran into the hundreds, many of which have been included here. Hundreds more “fastwalkers” were recorded by the Defense Support Program (DSP) satellite system, including an exact match with the famous Tehran incident of 1976. Regardless of the actual source of the UFOs themselves, it is undeniable that they triggered a significant response by military agencies around the world. This fact alone warrants the most meticulous scrutiny by responsible researchers.

The military dimension was only one side of it, however. Vastly greater numbers of ordinary people had experiences for which their concept of reality had not prepared them. In the face of such overwhelming shocks, comfortable certainties quickly broke down. Whether it was a car passenger screaming in terror, a person haunted by nightmares from an apparent abduction, a disillusioned citizen who learned that her government was indifferent to her unexplained encounter, or simply the lasting shock to a witness from something that was supposed to be impossible, the UFO phenomenon forced people to pick up the pieces of their shattered worldviews.

Unfortunately, they were usually constrained to do so privately. No matter how dramatic their experience or disturbing the aftermath, disbelief and ridicule accompanied anyone indiscreet enough to talk about their experience in public, often with negative professional repercussions. So it was that ordinary people who had undergone the most incredible and sometimes traumatic event of their lives were left to cope in the most unsatisfactory, atomized, way possible.

That the major institutions of society have not fought for the truth on this matter seems at first baffling. However, if one considers the awesome nature of the phenomenon itself, the transformative power inherent in the knowledge of something so vastly different, and the probable disruption to established institutions that would occur in the event of its disclosure, perhaps it is not so surprising, after all. On the contrary, it is easy to see how exceptional measures would be deemed necessary to deal with it. In a relatively open, republican system of government, it posed a serious problem. A way had to be found to keep the system alive while creating another, increasingly separate, system that would be empowered to deal with the extraordinary intrusion of “others” into our world. This would be especially so if human authorities determined the “others” were manipulating global geopolitics for their own non-human agendas, a possibility that any responsible government would need to investigate.

In such a circumstance, only one of two things can happen. The President, or some other legally constituted authority, would make a statement informing the world of the reality of UFOs and “aliens.” The world would then go through its obligatory baptism by fire. Various governments would need to explain not only the whys of UFO secrecy, but the hows. This would undoubtedly get into matters of the construction and funding of the black budget, and very likely would lead into areas in which citizens might wish to engage in legal actions of all sorts. The implications for the petroleum, steel, and electronics industries could well be catastrophic, assuming that better versions of each are inherent in the UFO matrix of reality. No doubt many other major industries would be similarly affected. Thus, the short-term repercussions would be a problem of the greatest magnitude.

The other scenario would be an ever-deepening code of silence. If it were decided that the post-disclosure ride would be too rough, the outcome too uncertain, then absolute secrecy would have to be maintained. But how? In a world in which free inquiry ostensibly reigns, where thousands of major universities, newspapers, and news media outlets compete to inform the general public, could long-term secrecy be possible? The answer is that it could be, if the right relationships were established with leading academic and media sources. Key figures within those industries would serve as the sheep dogs, charged with keeping the rest of the herd together. Meanwhile, with virtually limitless black budgets and little meaningful oversight, the secret surrounding UFOs could go deeper and deeper, developing into a strict policy of denial on all ET-related matters in the interest of national security. Lies could even become operational priorities, while truth becomes a threat….

Richard Dolan teaches the newly launched Introduction to Ufology course at The International Metaphysical University at Intermetu.com

Over 100 Unidentified Flying Objects sighted along China border

5 Nov, 2012, 08.30PM IST,
The Army troops deployed along the China border from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in northeast have reported more than 100 sightings of "Unidentified Flying Objects" (UFOs).

The Army troops deployed along the China border from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in northeast have reported more than 100 sightings of “Unidentified Flying Objects” (UFOs).
NEW DELHI: The Army troops deployed along the China border from Ladakh in Jammu and Kashmir and Arunachal Pradesh in northeast have reported more than 100 sightings of ” Unidentified Flying Objects” (UFOs) in the last three months.Agencies including the Army, DRDO, NTRO and the ITBP have not yet been able to identify these luminous flying objects.

The 14 Corps, which looks after military deployment along Kargil-Leh and looks after the frontiers with China, has sent reports to the Army Headquarters about the sightings of UFOs by an ITBP unit in Thakung near the Pangong Tso Lake, Army officials said here.

Reports suggested that these yellowish spheres appear to lift off from the horizon on the Chinese side and slowly traverse the sky for three to five hours before disappearing.

The officials confirmed that these UFOs were not Chinese drones or satellites.

They said Army had also moved a mobile ground-based radar unit and a spectrum analyser to verify the identity of the object but could not detect the object that was being tracked visually, indicating it was non-metallic.

Army officials expressed concern over the inability of agencies to identify the object which some believed could be a Chinese surveillance equipment.

Sources said similar reports had emerged about five-six years ago about sighting of such objects but the matter was not taken up at higher levels.

Reports suggested that a group of mountaineers had seen a UFO in 2004 in Lahaul and Spiti valley in Himachal Pradesh and investigations were launched into the incident by various agencies.

Have you ever seen a UFO like this?!

As you can imagine, we at IMU get to see a lot of videos of UFOs. But I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like this! What the heck is it? Does anyone have any ideas? Have you seen a UFO like it? I’m particularly fascinated by this UFO because it is local, it was seen in broad daylight for more than 2 hours, and even the local astronomer didn’t know what it was after looking at it through a telescope. The shape is so unlike any UFO I’ve ever seen that it makes me wonder if it was something “human” that is as yet unidentified. Any ideas?

You can read the whole story here. 

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Charles Halt, Former Air Force Colonel, Accuses U.S. Of UFO Cover-Up

LAS VEGAS — Former Air Force Col. Charles Halt accused the federal government of a UFO cover-up that involves a secret agency to deal with what might be extraterrestrial visitations.

“I’m firmly convinced there’s an agency, and there is an effort to suppress,” Halt told an audience of 200 people Saturday night at the Smithsonian-affiliated National Atomic Testing Museum.

Two former Air Force officers who were part of the infamous Project Blue Book — the military’s official UFO investigation in the 1950s and ’60s — and a former investigator with Britain’s Ministry of Defense were among the panel of speakers for a program entitled “Military UFOs: Secrets Revealed.”

Halt, pictured below, was the deputy base commander of the RAF Bentwaters military base in England and one of numerous eyewitnesses to several UFO-related events at Rendlesham Forest in December 1980. He believes the observed UFOs were either extraterrestrial or extradimensional in origin.


“I’ve heard many people say that it’s time for the government to appoint an agency to investigate,” Halt said.

“Folks, there is an agency, a very close-held, compartmentalized agency that’s been investigating this for years, and there’s a very active role played by many of our intelligence agencies that probably don’t even know the details of what happens once they collect the data and forward it. It’s kind of scary, isn’t it?

“In the last couple of years, the British have released a ton of information, but has anybody ever seen what their conclusions were or heard anything about Bentwaters officially? When the documents were released, the timeframe when I was involved in the incident is missing — it’s gone missing. Nothing else is missing,” he said.

Halt added that he’s never been harassed over the reports he made about the Bentwaters UFO incidents.

“Probably for a couple of good reasons. Number one, my rank and some of the jobs I’ve held, but also very early on, I sat down and made a very detailed tape and made several copies of everything I know about it and they’re secluded away. Maybe I’m paranoid. I don’t know, but I think it was time well spent when I made the tapes.”

While the lecture panel members didn’t always see eye-to-eye on the details of specific UFO cases, one common thread ran through them.


“We share a couple of very important things: We’ve all been dedicated to serving our country and been very serious about it,” said museum CEO and executive director Allan Palmer, who had a distinguished career as a decorated jet fighter pilot for both the Air Force and Navy.

“These are not flaky people, who’ve all held very responsible positions with high-level security clearances. They’re not the kind of people who tend to imagine things or go off on a wild tangent on something. They’re very professional, very business-like,” Palmer told The Huffington Post.

Making a rare public appearance was retired Air Force Col. Bill Coleman, the former chief spokesman for Project Blue Book between 1961 and 1963.

The controversial study ended in 1969, concluding that there was nothing about UFOs which represented “technological developments or principles beyond the range of present-day scientific knowledge.”


Coleman, at left, recounted his own riveting encounter with a UFO while he piloted a B-25 bomber in 1955. The unknown circular object descended from an estimated height of 20,000 feet, heading to the ground, when Coleman attempted to pursue it.

“We were moving at maximum continuous power for the B-25, about 300 miles an hour, and we got right down to the treetops and I closed in on it very rapidly. I said I was going to overtake it — ‘Hang on and put your seat belts on’ — and I made a hard 90-degree bank to try and pull up alongside of [the UFO] and it wasn’t there.

“I zoomed up about 1,500 feet, and then I could see the object right on the deck over a freshly plowed field moving at a pretty good speed, and it [was trailing] two vortexes.” When Coleman dove behind the trees to try and “head him off at the pass,” the UFO was gone. He said it was a typically reported flying saucer.

Coleman concluded his part of the lecture by offering a possible reason why ETs may be hesitant to visit Earth:

“If an alien were to land here, our common cold could kill him. His common cold could wipe out the population of planet Earth. If they’re smart enough to build a vehicle that could travel light-years of time, they’d be smart enough to know that our diseases could wipe out people.”

During the time that Coleman was the Project Blue Book spokesman, the director of the Air Force study was Col. Bob Friend. He disagreed with the Air Force’s negative conclusions about UFOs in 1969.

“My primary explanation for these things is that, yes, they’re real, and I think it would be much better if the government or some other agency was to take on these things and to pursue the scientific aspects of it,” Friend said.


At Saturday’s lecture, Friend, at right, offered an olive branch to the many people who claim to have seen UFOs but have been reluctant to report them out of fear of not being taken seriously.

“UFO sightings are real, and you will not be ridiculed by any honest organization that investigates it. Just come forward, quote your case and allow people to investigate what they can to make some determination about what it is that you’ve seen. In the future, just remember that we’re on your side.”

Nick Pope, the civilian member of the UFO panel, acknowledged that many in the audience came to the lecture anticipating the revelation of mind-blowing UFO evidence.

“While I apologize to those people who might be expecting or hoping for a ‘spaceship in a hangar’ smoking gun, what you are getting is the real deal: an insight from people who have looked at this mysterious and infuriating subject for the government,” said Pope, a former UFO investigator for the UK Ministry of Defense.

“The UFO subject is a field which does have its fair share of crackpots and charlatans and cultists. What you have this evening in a field like that is a panel of people who indisputably and genuinely have done this for the government and the military.”

Pope recounted how the UK’s former official committee, known as the Flying Saucer Working Party, concluded in 1951 that UFOs were just misidentifications, hoaxes and delusions, and that no further time or effort should be wasted on the subject.

“Unfortunately for them, in 1952, there was a wave of sightings throughout the UK, where most of the witnesses were Royal Air Force pilots, some of whom chased these things, and many radar operatives tracked them,” Pope said.

As the Ministry of Defense continued investigating UFOs, Pope noted, they kept a close watch on the UFO “community.” “We anonymously subscribed to their magazines: Subscription, please send to John Smith, P.O. Box 007, London — that was us. And I even covertly slipped into the back of UFO conferences.”

Pope concluded by saying that the Ministry of Defense always had one thing on its mind about UFOs: “Whatever the nonsense you see about this subject sometimes in the field, we never lost sight of the fact that, in all of these hundreds of thousands of sightings, the believers only had to be right once, and everything changes.”

Another UFO lecture panelist, retired Army Col. John Alexander, was a former military insider who convened a special group in the 1980s called the Advanced Theoretical Physics Group, whose members were culled from the military services and the aerospace and intelligence communities. They concluded that while there had been numerous cases of credible UFO encounters, the group couldn’t find any evidence of any actual government cover-up.

Alexander cited a variety of intriguing UFO cases involving pilots and told the audience that UFOs are “real and is a global phenomenon — not something that just happens in the U.S.

“We need to make it permissible for scientists to discuss and research these topics. … There are no simple answers, and not only do we not have the answers, we’re not at the point of asking the right questions yet, and that’s what we need to do.”

The lecture included a spirited question-and-answer session in which the audience engaged the panel on a variety of UFO-related topics, trying to draw out more detailed revelations.

While no ET body or piece of alien spaceship was brought forward and presented to the audience, those who attended the presentation seemed to appreciate the participants’ candor.

Still, the audience probably left with more questions than answers.

Star Dreams (crop circles) MOVIE

This is an enjoyable and informative movie discussing various possibilities about what crop circles are, what they mean, and why they are occurring with increasing frequency and  complexity. It includes interviews with many well known researchers and authors. I feel it is well worth watching. 

Janet Decker, Dean of Metaphysics


Astronomers report five UFOs on Moon, suggest intelligent alien life

Raymond Samuels' photo

Ottawa UFO Examiner

Paul Davies and Robert Wagner report seeing five UFOs on moon in mid April 2012 according to testimony supplied from M24digital.com. These astronomers are affiliated with Arizona State University. M24digital.com released this discovery on 12 May 2012.

Astronomers Paul Davies and Robert Wagner had proposed a search for alien evidence on the surface of the moon in 2011. These astronomers had believed that a detailed study of thousands of photographs taken by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter might reveal such evidence.

“If it costs little to scan data for signs of intelligent manipulation, little is lost in doing so, even though the probability of detecting alien technology at work may be exceedingly low,” they said.

It appears that these astronomers might have gotten an unexpected breakthrough which they had sought out to obtain. M24digital.com reported that in mid April 2012, these astronomers captured five UFOs flying over the moon disappearing into its dark side. These astronomers now say that: “the search for life beyond Earth should focus on the Moon.”

Read Entire Article… http://www.examiner.com/article/astronomers-report-five-ufos-on-moon-suggest-intelligent-alien-life?cid=db_articles

An as yet undiscovered planet might be orbiting at the dark fringes of the solar system, according to new research

Richard A. Lovett in Timberline Lodge, Oregon
for National Geographic News
Published May 11, 2012

Too far out to be easily spotted by telescopes, the potential unseen planet appears to be making its presence felt by disturbing the orbits of so-called Kuiper belt objects, said Rodney Gomes, an astronomer at the National Observatory of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro.

Kuiper belt objects are small icy bodies—including some dwarf planets—that lie beyond the orbit of Neptune.

Once considered the ninth planet in our system, the dwarf planet Pluto, for example, is one of the largest Kuiper belt objects, at about 1,400 miles (2,300 kilometers) wide. Dozens of the other objects are hundreds of miles across, and more are being discovered every year.

(See “Three New ‘Plutos’? Possible Dwarf Planets Found.”)

What’s intriguing, Gomes said, is that, according to his new calculations, about a half dozen Kuiper belt objects—including the remote body known as Sedna—are in strange orbits compared to where they should be, based on existing solar system models. (Related: “Pluto Neighbor Gets Downsized.”)

The objects’ unexpected orbits have a few possible explanations, said Gomes, who presented his findings Tuesday at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Timberline Lodge, Oregon.

“But I think the easiest one is a planetary-mass solar companion”—a planet that orbits very far out from the sun but that’s massive enough to be having gravitational effects on Kuiper belt objects.

Mystery Planet a Captured Rogue?

For the new work, Gomes analyzed the orbits of 92 Kuiper belt objects, then compared his results to computer models of how the bodies should be distributed, with and without an additional planet.

If there’s no distant world, Gomes concludes, the models don’t produce the highly elongated orbits we see for six of the objects.

How big exactly the planetary body might be isn’t clear, but there are a lot of possibilities, Gomes added.

Based on his calculations, Gomes thinks a Neptune-size world, about four times bigger than Earth, orbiting 140 billion miles (225 billion kilometers) away from the sun—about 1,500 times farther than Earth—would do the trick.

But so would a Mars-size object—roughly half Earth’s size—in a highly elongated orbit that would occasionally bring the body sweeping to within 5 billion miles (8 billion kilometers) of the sun.

Gomes speculates that the mystery object could be a rogue planet that was kicked out of its own star system and later captured by the sun’s gravity. (See “‘Nomad’ Planets More Common Than Thought, May Orbit Black Holes.”)

Or the putative planet could have formed closer to our sun, only to be cast outward by gravitational encounters with other planets.

However, actually finding such a world would be a challenge.

To begin with, the planet might be pretty dim. Also, Gomes’s simulations don’t give astronomers any clue as to where to point their telescopes—”it can be anywhere,” he said.

No Smoking Gun

Other astronomers are intrigued but say they’ll want a lot more proof before they’re willing to agree that the solar system—again—has nine planets. (Also see “Record Nine-Planet Star System Discovered?”)

“Obviously, finding another planet in the solar system is a big deal,” said Rory Barnes, an astronomer at the University of Washington. But, he added, “I don’t think he really has any evidence that suggests it is out there.”

Instead, he added, Gomes “has laid out a way to determine how such a planet could sculpt parts of our solar system. So while, yes, the evidence doesn’t exist yet, I thought the bigger point was that he showed us that there are ways to find that evidence.”

Douglas Hamilton, an astronomer from the University of Maryland, agrees that the new findings are far from definitive.

“What he showed in his probability arguments is that it’s slightly more likely. He doesn’t have a smoking gun yet.”

And Hal Levison, an astronomer at the Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado, says he isn’t sure what to make of Gomes’s finding.

“It seems surprising to me that a [solar] companion as small as Neptune could have the effect he sees,” Levison said.

But “I know Rodney, and I’m sure he did the calculations right.”

Richard Dolan to teach Interactive UFOLOGY Course at The International Metaphysical University

UFO 501 Introduction to Ufology
By: Richard Dolan, M.A.

A proper study of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is a broad undertaking, involving many separate disciplines. Unfortunately, there are very few college-level courses that deal with this subject at all. Fewer still that make an effort to cover it in a balanced manner, and probably none that address the full spectrum of issues related to it.

This is a comprehensive overview of the UFO phenomenon for people of the 21st century. It provides up-to-date information and analysis relating to the full history of UFOs, from ancient times to our own era, focusing on the most significant and instructive cases. But there is much more to this course.

We will be dealing with political issues, such as the history of the U.S. government and military/intelligence community in relation to UFOs. That is, we will analyze the cover-up. In so doing, we will find that UFOs pose a serious problem to that community, one that its members may not be handling as well as they would like. We may also conclude that at least some of the UFOs people are seeing are made by “us.”

We will also study philosophical and investigative problems brought about by UFOs, including how ordinary objects and events might fool us, and how they differ from “true UFOs.” Moreover, in an age of Internet, of Facebook and Youtube, when information practically overwhelms us, we will discuss how to separate fact from fiction, legitimate issues from fear-mongering or fantasy-peddling.

Then there are issues pertaining to science and technology. To the extent that these objects are craft, how do they operate? How is it that these beings often seem to have a mind-to-mind communication with us? What does that mean about human consciousness? What can a study of UFOs teach us about physics, dimensions, and the structure of our reality?

We must not forget the beings behind the phenomenon, whoever and whatever they are. For this course, we will assess the history and claims of contact, try to understand the nature of that contact, and perhaps puzzle out just who and what we are dealing with.

Finally, this course will try to peer into the future. We will look at the recent history of the “Disclosure” movement, analyze the difficulties and opportunities of ending UFO secrecy, and try to see what a post-Disclosure world might look like—the ultimate revolutionary experience.

COMING SOON!! To receive personal notification when this course launches and preview the first lecture in the series please sign up for our TEST DRIVE !

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