Is IMU Accredited?

No. IMU Refuses to Become Accredited. Here’s why. #1: Becoming a “cookie-cutter” organization will impair our students. The truth about accreditation is that it was originally created to allow students to transfer credits between universities. Not to add credibility to universities. Here’s the truth. If we were to accept the accreditations we’ve been offered, we would be forced to become a “cookie-cutter” organization. What the certifying organizations asked us to do would suffocate the roots of the metaphysical tree of conscious knowledge. We could no longer go above and beyond by teaching you the real, practical, hands-on skills you need to excel in your field of interest. In fact, if we were to accept accreditation, you would be bound intellectually into the same watered-down version taught to the mainstream public. Not the hard-core facts, and thought-provoking knowledge taught by some of the world’s most sought after thought-leaders. We refuse to water down the principles and actions that have proven to work—and if you look around at the “theoretical” fashion & diluted course work offered at other universities, you’ll quickly understand why. Besides, no one else in the world offers our advanced courses, because they are taught to help you put real skills into action and get results. This isn’t theory. This is real-life metaphysical science you can touch and feel and experience. And you’ll only find it HERE at IMU. #2: Government Oversight Suppresses Pure Learning: You may already know that many governments like to suppress the truth about all-things metaphysical. If we were to accept the accreditation we have been offered, we would be forced to comply with their mainstream beliefs. Considering the fact that most government oversight committees deny the presence of UFO’s, ignore the practical uses of energetic medicine, reject the existence of consciousness & laugh at psychic abilities (but use them in secret). Because they do not align with the truth taught by our world renowned thought-leaders, we would not be allowed to teach the classes you need most—classes you can’t find anywhere else. #3: Accreditation Costs YOU More Money: Have you ever wondered why mainstream college professors, the people who perform the tasks that lead to your graduation, make so little money? The truth is that education is not expensive; accreditation is expensive. Your tuition at IMU would shoot through the roof overnight, and the dedicated professionals who diligently teach you everything you need to know in your field of passion wouldn’t benefit. They’d be forced to work harder, for less. Your instructors here at IMU would be forced to focus LESS on helping you succeed and more on making sure their classes complied with government requirements. The end result—you’d pay more and get less. We don’t know about you, but the only person that seems fair to is the accrediting agency; no one else truly benefits. #4: Government Loans Enslave Students for Life: Ask yourself this, “Would I rather graduate from the best metaphysical University in the world debt free, or be forced to take out student loans large enough to buy a house?” The more you think about it, the more you’ll realize that government loans have amounted to life-long enslavement. You can never escape them. You can never declare bankruptcy from them. And the truth is we’ve created a system that means you don’t need student loans! In fact, here at IMU, you can get your entire degree for what you’ll pay for ONE master’s level course at a mainstream university. While we know that accepting accreditation means you could get student loans, we’d rather allow you a broader bridge to financial freedom. Here’s the worst part: After surveying students from many other mainstream, cookie-cutter metaphysical institutions we realized one tragic fact—getting a metaphysical or holistic health degree from an accredited institution won’t guarantee you a job. And it won’t guarantee your freedom. In fact, most metaphysical and holistic health students were graduating with a lot of debt, a piece of paper that says “I have a degree”, but no opportunity for abundance. So we looked at the most successful mainstream universities in the world and realized that their students are successful because they graduate with more than a degree. Their students graduate with the ability to generate their own income—because their students understand business. Instead of wasting your money getting accredited we thought, “Why not empower you to become your own boss?”, “Choose their own hours…”, “Travel the world and teach…” and live your dreams. And the Metaphysical Business program was born. It’s the first of its kind in the world of metaphysics and it’s already rocking the boat, sending tidal waves of shock across the world. The truth is that you need to learn the ART of business if you want to follow your passion. So we sought-out world experts in metaphysical marketing & business, and created a step by step program that allows you to get paid to put the practical skills you learn at IMU to work. While most students are worrying about how they’ll find a job after they work their tail off to get their degree, you have the opportunity to launch your own business—while you’re still studying, under the watchful eye of renowned experts—an opportunity you’ll only find here at IMU. So here’s the truth… If you’re passionate about metaphysical sciences & holistic healing, then you know that accreditation is, at its core, out of alignment with the global mission of the metaphysical practitioner. Accreditation indicates that only one governing body is right. So right, in fact, that they have the power to limit knowledge, hide the truth, and tell you what you have a right to know—and what you don’t. Instead, we’ve done something far better. At IMU you’ll step into a real-learning classroom and interact directly with the best thought-leaders in the world. You’ll meet and develop new ideas, and ways of thinking alongside TRUE EXPERTS who literally “wrote the book” in your field of metaphysical & holistic health sciences. You’ll explore the depths of consciousness, discover new ways of healing and TEACH US things we don’t know. Because at IMU, as in the real world of consciousness, we are all students & and we are ALL teachers—burning with passion, craving knowledge, and desiring to create our own theories to change the world. So instead of becoming cookie-cutter and telling you “this is true”, we let you decide for yourself: What is true? What is theory? And what can you do to shed NEW light on your field and forward consciousness? Welcome to IMU. You. Rebel. You.