Admissions and Degree Requirements

Admission & Enrollment into IMU:

IMU is an open enrollment institution and students from around the world are welcome to take courses through the International Metaphysical University; everyone is included. Students can take courses toward a degree or for personal development. Some courses also offer certification. 

To enroll, you only need to purchase a course. By doing so, you will create an account to access our online classroom, which will help us to track your information as a student at IMU.

Certification Requirements:

IMU offers a variety of certifications for specialized fields.  While the requirements for each course varies, typically, students will need to enroll and complete two course credits (levels 1 and 2) in order to receive a certification.  Please review the course description for more information.

Ordination Requirements:

To become Ordained, a student must complete both ORD 500 and ORD 501 plus CSC 501 Principles of Metaphysics. 

Degree Requirements 

IMU offers both a Masters Degree in Metaphysics and a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics. Only students who have completed a Masters at IMU can qualify for the doctoral program at IMU.  

Masters Degree:

To complete a Masters Degree at IMU, students must successfully complete 12 course credits, including CSC 501 Principles of Metaphysics, the only required course for all students. 

Doctorate Degree:

To earn a Doctorate Degree, students must complete a total of 18 course credits, including CSC 501 Principles of Metaphysics.


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