Bruce Dickson, M.S.S., M.A.

bruce-dickson-20kBruce Dickson resolves wellness concerns for people who wish to avoid drugs and surgery. He communicates directly with his own immune system. With your permission, he talks directly with your immune system to learn what is oppressing your cells. He becomes the Champion of Your Cells and shows you how to throw off burdens you no longer wish to carry. Bruce works from a client’s own Guidance to uncover, identify, and clear unresolved disturbances. Cellular regeneration and awakening is the inevitable result. He follows both the Law of Spiderman and the Law of Gentleness for Healers.

A third generation intuitive, Bruce had to heal himself, to find out why his physical body was wasting away. He learned diet, vitamins, herbs, massage, homeopathy, conventional talk therapy, seminars and alternative therapies A to Z. What worked best for him was always uncovering, identifying and clearing unresolved unconscious disturbances. Little literature exists in this area so Bruce had to innovate many new Tools That Heal including a better way to use forgiveness. This became his path, trail-blazing and sharing simple Tools That Heal for anyone looking for that. Bruce is not a doctor and does not treat; yet, he has four decades of solutions and what works so others Awaken their own Inner Healer.

Bruce is author of eleven books on self-healing and the Three Selves. He has Masters degrees from both Loyola Marymount in counseling and from Peace Theological Seminary. He is a Waldorf-trained teacher with additional training from USM, Touch for Health, and BreakThrough Parenting. He is Founder of the Westside Holistic Chamber of Commerce,