IA 501: Foundations of Psychic Development

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Psychic ability is your birthright. Each one of us is endowed with psychic gifts and each person has at least one of them. In Foundations of Psychic Development, you will discover what your strongest psychic gift is and you will be developing that one as well as others using hypnotic suggestion, guided visualization, practice with card decks, tea leaf reading, psychometry, and other tools.

In this course, we will take a look at the rather lengthy list of the many different aspects and modalities of what is called psychic ability. We will look at the many different tools that can be used to help a person develop and utilize their various psychic gifts and we will discuss under what conditions one might put these gifts to use. We will also talk about psychism in various cultures and organizations with a more in-depth look at it in regards to spiritualism and metaphysics.

Through audio lectures, research, daily hypnotic suggestion, journaling, card reading, interviews with psychics, and practice sessions you will hone your ability to pick up on and translate, vibratory patterns and psychic and intuitive impressions.

Upon completion of “Foundations of Psychic Development,” you will have a thorough knowledge of all psychic modalities and you will enjoy a heightened and more developed psychic and intuitive ability which you can put to good use helping yourself and others.

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