ORD 502: Independent Spiritualist Ordination Program

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This course provides a foundational basis of spiritual knowledge for personal and professional growth and provides a platform for the exploration of consciousness. Also, on a more fundamental level, it will guide you in the art of spiritual counseling and the ethical, moral, and legal boundaries that you need to be aware of as an ordained minister who counsels others. You will also learn a bit about the history of spiritualism as well as how to create and lead a Spiritualist Church Service.

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Lesson 1 – History of Spiritualism

Lesson 1 Audio Lecture00:58:51
Lesson 1 Assignment 1
Lesson 1 Assignment 2
Lesson 1 Quiz

Lesson 2- Spiritual Counseling

Lesson 3 – Ascension

Lesson 4 – Power of Language

Lesson 5 – Forgiveness Formula

Lesson 6 – Emotional Awareness and Stress

Lesson 7 – Pastoral Rites and Ceremonies

Lesson 8 – Legal and Ethical Issues

Lesson 9 – Creating the Service

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