SHA 501: Foundations of Shamanism


Instructor: Mark Perkins (mark@onenessjourneys.com)

This course studies shamanism from the perspective of anthropology, psychology, consciousness studies, and the physical sciences and gives the student a broad perspective on how shamanic studies relates to research-oriented arts and sciences plus it gives the student a broad historical perspective of shamanism.

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Topics for this course

7 Lessons

Lessons 1 and 2: Course Introduction and Shamanic Terms

Lesson 1 Assignment
Lesson 2 Assignment
Lesson 1 Video Lecture00:43:42
Lesson 2 Video Lecture00:33:39

Lesson 3: History of Shamanism

Lesson 4: Anthropology and Shamanism

Lesson 5: Shamanic Influences on the World’s Religions

Lesson 6: Science and Shamanism Converge

Lesson 7: The World of a Shaman

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