SHA 605: Ho’oponopono – A Shamanic Exploration


Kemesha Robinson

Course Description

Learn this Hawaiian spiritual counseling technique for achieving balance in relationships and situations of many kinds. Additionally, use your shamanic journeying skills to observe the results of Ho’oponopono.

Instructor: Mark Perkins (

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Topics for this course

8 Lessons

Lessons 1 and 2: Course Introduction and Ho’oponopono History

Lesson 1 and 2 Video Lecture1:15:39
Lesson 1 and 2 Assignment

Lesson 3: Hawaiian Spiritual Concepts

Lesson 4: How does Ho’oponopono work?

Lesson 5: The Ho’oponopono Process

Lesson 6: Ho’oponopono on Yourself

Lesson 7: Ho’oponopono for Another

Lesson 8: An Independent View of Ho’oponopono

Lesson 9: Case Study Review