UFO 502: An Introduction to Sitchin Studies



Course Description

We have reached a point in our development as a species at which  we can begin to re-examine our history. Is the current story true? Are we a product of evolution or creation? Or is an alternate story worthy of credible examination? Where did we come from and is it possible that our origins have an ET connection?

In this course, we will ask this question through the eyes of venerable Sumerian scholar Zecharia Sitchin who presents a compelling argument as to our extraterrestrial beginnings. If his findings are true, how does it affect our worldview? What are the social, cultural, economic, and political implications? How does it change the very way in which we view our world both personally and collectively? What are the evolutionary implications for mankind itself?

Together, we will examine and address our current planetary situation against the broad context of exopolitics. Exopolitics is defined as “the socio-political relationship between human and alien species. It is intended to offer a new and exciting perspective from which to examine our current socio-economic-political arena. It is intended to stimulate the intellectual aerobics necessary to comprehend the broadest possible exo-sociological and sociological overview, ultimately drilling down to the immediate details of how this impacts survival of the species and the social and political adjustments necessary to accommodate this new perspective.

Topics for this course