Course Category: Consciousness Studies

CSC 604 Law of One

Instructor: Carla L. Rueckert, M.A When I was channeling the Law of One material from the Ra group, I did not guess that one day I would be teaching its principles. The L/L Research group received the Law of One material in the early 1980s, and it has become a classic in the field of …

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CSC 514: Introduction to Meditation

Instructor: Geoff Byrd, MS Learn to meditate through the use of a variety of symbols & techniques taken from various religions and ancient mystical practices, which have been adapted for use in contemporary lifestyles. Experienced meditators develop improved physical, mental & emotional states of being, which promote deeper and broader awareness of one’s connections to …

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CSC 515: Advanced Meditation and Spiritual Wisdom

A continuation of the Introductory course where students have become familiar with basic and foundational mediation practices and techniques. It is expected that advanced students will have comfortably integrated the essentials that are common to virtually all meditation traditions and methodologies. Students will by now have established a regular and ongoing practice and are able …

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RES 550: Research and Writing

In this course, students will learn the critical thinking and writing skills necessary to prepare and present a research study on a selected topic.  Lessons include the focused literature review, quantitative and qualitative approaches to research, and the research process.  Concerns regarding ethical standards of research and confidentiality will also be covered.

CSC 601: The Purposeful Universe

The Purposeful Universe by Dr. Carl Johan Calleman For a fairly long time modern science has presented a view of the universe as fundamentally fragmented, where its different aspects has been studied by different disciplines such as physics, chemistry and biology. This fragmentation differs from the essentially holistic view that the ancient peoples of our planet …

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ORD 501: Ordination Training I

Ordination  Instructor: Deborah Lindsey In this course, students will enjoy a variety of topics related to the exploration of consciousness. The intention is to provide a solid foundation upon which all of the courses in this program are built. Upon completion of this course, students will be declared a Ministerial Lightworker and a Certificate of Ordination will …

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CSC 502: Comparative Religions

Most spirituality has a foundation within the framework of a religion. Religion has societal, spiritual and historical contexts. Established religions or faiths have much in common but there are also differences. This course gives an overview of some of the world’s most important religions, what they agree upon and how they vary. This class is …

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