MBUS 601: Creating Your Rapidly Saleable, Authentic Business Programs and Packages

If You KNOW You’d Like to Offer “an Authentic” Metaphysical or Holistic Healing Solution to Your Ideal Clients…And You’re Still Struggling to Decide ‘What’ to Offer and How to Package Your “What’ so you see sustainable profit and touch as many lives as possible… Then MBUS 601 is the Escalator to Your Dreams  (Masters in…

MBUS 501: Creating the Foundation for Your Irresistibly Authentic Metaphysical or Holistic Healing Consultancy

If you KNOW you’d love to become the life-changing owner of your own metaphysical or holistic healing business…And you’re just not clear about the best way to get all the working pieces moving in the right direction? Then consider this course your Quick-Start “Easy Button”. (Masters in Metaphysical Business Requirement)