HH 501 – Introduction to Holistic Careers in Energy Medicine

Introduction to holistic careers in Energy Medicine

Audience: self-healers, students of Energy Medicine.

Why You Should Take This Class: To be a more informed consumer; or, to consider a career in holistic health; or, make a mid-life career change into this field.

Want to expand your ability as a self-healer? Think you have what it takes to serve and support clients with their wellness concerns? This course:

– Contrasts the benefits of both conventional and holistic healthcare and careers in each,

– Provides exercises to identify your own personal brain preferences for selecting a mode of care you will be happy in for a lifetime.

– Makes you a more informed consumer of holistic health care for your family,

– Enables more intelligent conversations with practitioners you hire for your own needs,

– Helps you match your own interests and wellness concerns with the range of careers,

– Exposes you to the wide range of holistic health, techniques, methods and modalities (Energy Medicine),

– Surveys the range of practitioner careers and how holistic health literature is organized,

– Empowers you to assess your own talents and career interests,

– Enables you to choose an Energy Medicine method to specialize in for your livelihood and make decisions for further education and study

*Includes: handouts, reading list, optional homework, optional reading assignments.


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