HHE 504:

Level 2 Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner Certification

Instructor: Deborah Lindsey

4 Credits - $599


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is often referred to as “energy tapping”, is a safe and popular energetic healing technique that stimulates acupressure points on the body to eliminate blockages that are causing or contributing to mental, emotional, or physical pain. By consciously tuning into a problem while tapping on specific acupressure points, the energetic blockage is corrected, allowing the body to heal. 

This technique espouses that all pain is based on “a disruption in the body’s energy system.” When you eliminate that disruption, the body returns to normal and the symptoms go away, often on the spot. This technique, which was founded by Gary Craig, is being used by literally tens of thousands of people (including healers, counselors, life coaches, and laypersons) throughout the world. It is highly successful in healing anxiety, depression, phobias, low self-esteem, nail-biting, PTSD, headaches, back pain, physical pain, addictions, and much more. It is also highly beneficial as a tool for performance enhancement and for eliminating blockages to creating happy, successful lives.

  • Properly applied, more than 80% achieve notice improvement in a single session.
  • Often works where nothing else will. 
  • Results are rapid, painless, and often permanent 
  • No drugs or equipment involved 
  • Can be easily learned by anyone
  • Can be self-applied 
  • Has no known negative side effects
  • Permanently eliminates the core issues related to the overall problem


Text Book

A manual is included with the course, and live meetings with the instructor are offered twice a month.

Course Objectives 

Level 2 Certification is professional certification that teaches you how to begin working with others. Here you learn how to work with bothersome memories, cravings/addictions, pain, phobias, and more. By the end of the Level 2 certification training, you are able to open your practice and begin seeing clients as a professional EFT practitioner. 

  • Students will learn how to use EFT for professional use on clients.
  • Students will learn various techniques for applying the EFT process including:
    • Tell the Story Technique
    • Touch and Breathe
    • Choices Method
    • Tearless Trauma Technique
    • Movie Technique
  • Students will learn to integrate these techniques through use on both classmates and others in their community.


  • Students will apply EFT on clients and classmates on various topics and reports those results in their assignments
  • Students for take a final Level 2 Practitioner Exam to ensure competency.



Deborah Lindsey

Deborah has been a stalwart in the metaphysical community for more than 2 decades. Her foray into metaphysics began as the result of a “Dark Night of the Soul” which led her on a journey of self-discovery and spawned her first project, The Self-Health and Awareness Center. The Self-Health and Awareness Center of Vienna, WV offered services in alternative healthcare, live teachings, and a metaphysical store.

At the Self-Health and Awareness Center, participants could attend Sunday Services, where Deborah served her community as Minister for more than a decade, spawning the creation of the International Metaphysical Churches and the International Metaphysical University (IMU). As founder of IMU, she was responsible for curriculum creation and development and day-to-day management and oversight from 2009 to 2020.

Deborah is perhaps best known for her work as an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner and certifying instructor where she has trained and certified more than 4,000 practitioners around the world. She is also trained in multiple alternative healthcare modalities including Touch For Health, Hypnosis, Pranic Healing, Jaffe-Mellor Technique, Reiki (Maheo’o, Usui, and Toltec Nagual), hypnosis, Pranic Healing, Quantum Touch, Kolaimni and more. As part of a cooperative, she started the Association of EFT Professionals (AEFTP), to provide professional services to qualified EFT practitioners around the world.

Deborah currently focuses the majority of her time on her primary project, the Center for EFT Studies, where she trains professional EFT practitioners online. She recently participated in the Tapping World Summit, an online program that is seen by more than 700,000 people per year. She also sits on the board at IMU and at AEFTP.

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