IA 512


Instructor: Terry Lively, M.A.

3 Credits - $299


This course covers the history, symbolism and use of Tarot. The Tarot is a deck of cards that can be used as a tool for developing intuition, but it is more than this.

It contains symbolic images that express a mystical philosophy, a philosophy that stems from the mentors of Western culture, Pythagoras and Plato, and that has been cherished by mystics and sages over centuries.

The Tarot is a map of the spiritual universe, a mandala, divided into separate components but maintaining the pattern through the relationship of each component to another.

The insights provided by the Tarot can assist individual self-growth and show different solutions or outcomes to a particular problem.


Course Materials:

Learning the Tarot: A Tarot Book for Beginners. By Joan Bunning

Course Objectives:

  • Students will be familiarized with the history, symbolism and uses of Tarot cards
  • Students will be introduced to the variety of Tarot decks.  Students will identify and describe the Major and Minor Arcanas along with the four suits; Cups, Wands, Pentacles, and Swords.
  • Students will learn traditional and modern Tarot spreads and how to use these spreads for additional information.
  • Students will explore ethical considerations, legalities and business with Tarot cards.
  • Students will be introduced to several working Tarot card readers for their insight.  Students will be encouraged to recognize and use their intuition.

Course Topics:

  • Early Symbolism
  • History of Tarot cards
  • Major Arcana symbolism
  • Minor Arcana symbolism
  • Tarot spread symbolism
  • Ethical Considerations
  • Legalities
  • Business
  • Working as a Tarot Reader
  • Intuition


  • Students will take a 10-question objective quiz for each video/audio lecture and reading assignment (tests and quizzes tool) (1200 potential points).
  • Students will participate in private and forum discussions covering topics from the lectures on Skype.
  • Students will discuss and solve Tarot reading scenarios



Terry Lively, M.A.

With a Master’s degree in Media Studies, Professor Terry Lively has worked in media and Tarot for nearly four decades. Her personal studies include Tarot, synchronicity, spirituality, Tao de Ching and remote viewing. As a gifted communication professor, she explains difficult concepts in a down to earth way.

Professor Lively began her metaphysical studies in her teens. She studied with Dr. Henry Keeling, among others, in his ESP class, learning grounding, auras and the art of psychic readings.

A trip to Cassadega, FL inspired her to continue her spiritual studies, which include sessions with other Tarot card readers. She has read Tarot cards for hundreds of clients.

Professor Lively understands and appreciates the power of intuition. Embracing the moment enhances psychic powers by stripping away the past and future, allowing universal knowledge to be revealed.

She has extensive knowledge and skills that translate into top-quality video and online instruction. This provides you with a seasoned teaching professional instructing you about Tarot cards, a topic Professor Lively has studied and researched for over forty years.

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