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Why Work with IMU’s World Renowned Thought-Leaders?

If the energetic soul of an academic institution is its’ students  the heart of any academic institution is its’ faculty.

Unlike most universities, IMU strives to look at what really matters when hiring faculty.

In fact, our #1 criteria for our faculty is not that they have a doctoral degree (because no such degree exists in most of these fields) though admittedly, many of our faculty do possess advanced degrees. But that’s not why they were chosen.

The truth is that we hire faculty who can SAY YES to 4 vital questions…

  • Are you recognized as a renowned thought-leader or expert in your field?
  • Are you PASSIONATE about setting aside time each day to interact with your students?
  • Will you be flexible with YOUR students schedule? Allow your students to complete the classes at THEIR pace?
  • Are you still entrenched in the learning, researching and exploration part of your field every day?

Why is answering yes to all of these questions so vital?

Because the faculty here doesn’t teach rote, memorized, cookie cutter information like you’ll find at most universities.

In fact, IMU faculty directly enhances the curriculum by applying years of experience, expertise and research to the lessons delivered to our students. The International Metaphysical University faculty receive teaching appointments based upon distinguished contributions to their respective field of study. All of our instructors have decades of experience and practice behind their work.

IMU is both proud and humbled to bring these masters of metaphysics and holistic healing into our classrooms.

As proud as we are to be teaching and transforming the next generation of metaphysical and holistic healing professionals, as we listen to you, learn, and send you out into the world ready to test new theories and expand what you learned here–in hopes that you can someday come back and impart greater wisdom to the generation that follows yours.

If you’re interested in discovering how you can become a renowned expert or thought-leader in your desired area of interest, you’re in the right place.

Faculty Biographies

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