International Metaphysical Churches

8118170IMU is the educational arm of the International Metaphysical Churches. IMC was started in 2001 by Deborah Lindsey and Joseph Fielder as “The Self-Health and Awareness Center.” Overtime, however, it became clear that the common terminology of Church was more familiar to people and the name was changed to the International Metaphysical Churches.

IMC has been a place for people to come for spiritual development, psychic development, and healing. Hundreds of people have passed our doors in search of a higher understanding. For many years, IMC offered regular weekly services on top of the constant spiritual training that was ever present. In 2007, IMC began ordaining ministers and in 2009 we opened the International Metaphysical University. With the opening of IMU, the services moved to an online format making the teachings of IMC available to people all over the world.

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