Julia Ananeva

Julia-AnanveaJulia Ananeva is a graduate of McMaster University in Nursing and dedicated her work to the health care field in various roles for over 15 years.

Julia began her metaphysical studies as a young adult and by the age 21 she has graduated from Moscow’s, then one and the only Dr. Galperin’s Extra-Sensory Institute in Bio-energetic healing.

Julia successfully introduced her metaphysical knowledge and Bio-energetic experience into her medical practice. At the same time her knowledge of medical disciplines is a great addition which helped her to get a deep understanding of biological interconnections in a physical body and bring Bio-energetic healing to the higher level.

Her interests and personal studies include metaphysics, Law of Attraction, Spirituality, and study of Consciousness.

As a student of Metaphysics, Julia has a strong belief in personal empowerment, the value of self awareness, self-reflection, and self-trust as well as the importance of balancing the intuitive and logical minds. Julia teaches from a place of passion, acceptance and self- empowerment.