MBUS 501 - Creating the Foundation for Your Irresistibly Authentic Metaphysical or Holistic Healing Consultancy

1 Credit - $197
Instructor: Diane Boerstler, M.NLP, LPC, PBSS

If you KNOW you’d love to become a business-owning metaphysical  practitioner, consultant, trainer, or holistic healer…

And you’d love to get all of those important working pieces moving in the right direction…

Without feeling overwhelmed, or making massive mistakes…

Then consider this course your AUTHENTIC Business “Easy Button”.


 First, be forewarned. This isn’t for your everyday “business owner”—

Truth is, MBUS 501 is ONLY for you if you desire to become a well-paid, highly valued local or world expert in your desired field of metaphysics or holistic healing.


#1: If you’ve taken a business course before, we can guarantee you’re in for a surprise. (Because while the actionable steps you’ll learn here mirror or exceed what you’d learn at most Ivy League programs, how quickly and easily we help you make it happen, is a secret only those in metaphysics understand).

#2: If you never taken a business course in your life, you can take a deep breath and relax…

Because your only requirement for taking this course is that you have a passion or curiosity about starting your own metaphysical or holistic healing business.

While some business knowledge may help you breeze through this course with ease, everything you need to launch a successful metaphysical or holistic healing business starts right here.

I’ll be here, leveraging my 17 years helping successfully launch more than 1,000 businesses and products to answer your questions every (fun, challenging and crazy) step of the way! And even help you clear out the “limiting beliefs” and “energetic blocks” holding you back.

In fact, by the time you’ve completed MBUS 501, you’ll not only be bursting with ideas on what type of packages, programs and services you’d like to offer.

  • You’ll discover how to get your metaphysical or holistic healing business ready for launch, from concept to completion (even if you have no idea what type of business you’d like operate, what to sell, or how to sell it!)
  • You’ll have a saleable, workable, and most importantly–                                       

      INSPIRING Metaphysical Business Plan.

  • You’ll have a basic website up (and the easiest, fastest way imaginable!)
  • You’ll know the in’s and out’s of obtaining your business licensure in your country, state or region (and you’ll gather and complete all required documents to become the owner of a LEGAL business)
  • You’ll setup your basic accounting and tax processes (The spreadsheet template and financial guidance make it easy to get started now)
  • You’ll research, compile and understand every relevant law pertaining to your practice (so you’re in the clear once you’re ready to begin operations in your country)’
  • You’ll discover the fastest and easiest ways to CLEAR OUT the limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that make launching a successful business so challenging! (by leveraging the power of EFT)
  • You’ll take the first few steps on the pathway to reprogram yourself for financial and entrepreneurial success.
  • And, of course, a few little secrets (you’ll can’t find anywhere else) that make all the difference…

To guarantee you get the personalized response and attention you need to excel in the world of metaphysical business, class sizes are limited. So if you are interested in completing your MBUS Masters or Doctoral degree course track on time, please sign up for this course and complete your registration with plenty of time to spare.


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