MBUS 601 - Creating Your Rapidly Saleable Business Programs and Packages

1 Credits - $197
Instructor: Diane Boerstler, M.NLP, LPC, PBSS

(Prerequisite: Completion of MBUS 501 OR Instructor Approval)

If You KNOW You’d Like to Offer an Irresistable Metaphysical or Holistic Healing Solution to Your Business

And You’d Love to Know You’re Putting Together the Puzzle Pieces in an AUTHENTIC Way that Clients…

“Magnetizes 6 Figure Sales” All By Doing What You Love!…

Then MBUS 601 is the Escalator to Your Dreams!


If you’re like most metaphysical or holistic healing entrepreneurs who know WHAT you’d like to offer (or you’re half way there)…

And you’d like to know the BEST way to package your services, products and solutions together…so you succeed in your dream business, the FIRST TIME. 

Then you’ll love MBUS 601.

Much like having a Program and Packaging Consultant coaching you from your back pocket, MBUS 601

helps you to dig-deep and lay out all the fine details required to outline the “what” (services and solutions).

After you’ve uncovered the “What You’ll Offer” (You know, what really makes your customers TICK) then…

  •       You’ll discover the best way to package your programs and services, from individual and group coaching or consulting, to ebooks, to webinars or seminars; and more.
  • You’ll understand the Proven Package Escalator (allowing you to sell the most services, in the least amount of time)
  • You’ll learn how to exchange value for money, how to exchange results for money, and how to keep your time freedom in the process (AND WHICH IS MOST IMPORTANT).
  • You’ll know which type of services and products and bonuses to offer in each package
  • You’ll put together a list of everything you’ll need to create to guarantee each of your saleable packages sing…
  • You’ll understand what kind of technology is available to you (Free and BETTER)
  • You’ll create a timeline for completing at least ONE of these packages before you complete the class
  • THE BEST PART: By the time you’ve completed this course you’ll understand how to create a saleable product any time a new idea sparks!
  • And because this stretches most people outside their comfort zone in new and exciting ways, we’ll be practicing clearing and reprogramming exercises—making the jump to this newfound life path easier, more successful and most importantly—exciting!

To guarantee you get the personalized response and attention you need to excel in the world of metaphysical business, class sizes are limited. So if you are interested in completing your MBUS Masters or Doctoral degree track on time, please sign up and complete your registration with plenty of time to spare.