Welcome to the International Metaphysical University!  This page is designed to make your initiation into our team as smooth as possible.  Please be sure to review each section and submit any necessary documents so that we can begin to offer your amazing course to our students as soon as possible!

Develop your course.

Produce your content.

  • Decide how you are going to present your lectures to your students. 
    • Are you going to create a PowerPoint presentation? 
    • Are you going to record using audio, video, or both?
    • We suggest using Screencast-O-Matic for creating screencast recordings (although you can use any sofftware you are comfortable with). There is a free version that works well for recordings up to 15 minutes, or you can purchase a Pro subscription for one year for only $15. You can view their Help page for easy to follow tutorials demonstrating how to use the software.

Promote your course.

  • Create your course sales page. You can use our template, available on the Instructor Resources page, or you may develop your own page.  
  • Create and record an introductory video for the website. The video should tell potential students a bit about yourself and the classes that you offer. It can be a stagnant shot of you sitting and talking or a more robust production, including cutaways and moving shots. It’s up to you. The length of video is up to you. Two or three minutes is sufficient. You will submit it to us using our file uploader or you can send the link to your video to [email protected].
  • Submit a short course description of your class. This is a very brief (1 paragraph) description to be used on our course listing pages and in our course catalog.

Submit your materials.

  • Please send the files for your class to [email protected] using WeTransfer.com.  You will be able to upload multiple files at once, up to 2GB. If you have a file larger than 2GB, please contact us and we will assist you with sending your file.
  • Be sure to name your files relevantly, and please begin the name of your file with your course number so that we can easily keep track of your materials, for example: CON501_Syllabus.pdf, CON501Lesson1.docx, CON501Lesson1Video.mp4.
  • Review the Instructor Agreement and agree to the terms on by submitting your digital signature on the Instructor Agreement page

Learn to Manage Your Classroom on Moodle.

  • IMU will issue you a username & password and send you the login information by email. After logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to change your password.
  • You may access your Moodle course by logging onto the IMU classroom website at classes.intermetu.com. You may also click on the “Classroom Login” menu link on the top menu of the main website.
  • You will be automatically enrolled into the IMU 101 Course in Moodle. This is a course designed for instructors to learn how to navigate and manage the classrooms. Please take a moment to go though each section of the course. You will be able to return to any section of the course at any time to review information.
  • If you have trouble with passwords or with navigating Moodle, call the IMU Helpdesk at 304-295-4411 or email support at [email protected].