To many, Randy Hastings was so much more than a great teacher and spiritual leader. He was more than a friend and a founder of IMU. He was a guide and inspiration to many. Rev. Hastings dedicated his entire life to his spiritual awareness, even to the point that he was aware of his impending death (ascension?), which took place quite surreptitiously on 11/11/2009 (11), revealing to one of the IMU team members just one week before at the opening ceremony for IMU (which he lead) that he would be leaving soon.

Rev. Hastings was a Shaman of the highest order. He practiced Chinese Qigong for more than 30 years, and practiced as a Master/Teacher of many different forms of Reiki for more than 10 years, having initiated hundreds of students into the Reiki tradition. Rev. Hastings was an initiated Medicine Priest of the Order of the Feathered Serpent and an initiate in the Toltec Order of Tezcatlipoca (Jaguar shamanism). He was also trained as a Mayan Jaguar Initiate and Shaman and a revered ceremonial leader. He was a seemingly endless source of knowledge which was attributed to his ability to speed read a tome of a 1000 pages in nominal time and retain most of what he read. Upon his death, he boasted many thousands of books, many of which were rare or out of print.

In 2007, Rev. Hastings finally revealed his life’s work, Toltec Nagual Reiki. This work was based on more than 25 years of continuous study, initiations, and practice in Toltec/Mayan Nagual shamanism. Rev. Hastings (aka Chojal Nohol) initiated his first students at the Tulum earthworks in Mexico.

Rev. Hastings was also a major contributor to IMU, creating the original shell for what was to become the Shamanic Studies program.

We are so grateful to have captured several of Randy’s teachings before he left the earth plane. We are particularly grateful to have his teachings in Toltec Nagual Reiki. This course is proxied by Sandy Vickers, who was initiated directly under Rev. Hastings. His teachings can also be found in the Ordination class, ORD 500.