SHA 513:

Toltec Nagual Reiki

Instructor: Rev. Dr. Elisa Keith

4 Credits - $397


This form of shamanic Reiki combines the energies of Reiki with the teachings, techniques, and symbols of the Toltec/Mayan shamanic cultures of Mexico. It is a form of hands-on healing that is designed to introduce spiritual seekers and energetic healers to the basic concepts, energies, and techniques of the Toltec Nagual Shamans of Central & Southern Mexico, the Yucatec/Mayan shamans, and the Moundbuilder energies from North America (who are descendants of the Naguals of ancient Mexico) combined with the energies of the original Japanese Usui Reiki.

Toltec Nagual Reiki was created in 2007 by Chojal Nohol (Rev. Randall Hastings) after more than 25 years of continued study, initiations, and practice in Toltec/Mayan Nagual shamanism, 30 years of Chinese Qigong practice, and over 10 years practice as a Master/Teacher of many different forms of Reiki. The late Rev. Hastings was an initiated Medicine Priest of the Order of the Feathered Serpent and an initiate in the Toltec Order of Tezcatlipoca (Jaguar shamanism) and was also a trained Mayan Jaguar Initiate and Shamanism.


Course Materials:

Toltec Nagual Reiki Manual by Rev. Dr. Randall Hastings

Handbook can be purchased at

Course Objectives:

Students will learn:

  • Basic and advanced Toltec principles
  • Deeper Meaning of Toltec Spiritual Energies
  • How to use sacred chants and sounds for healing and ceremony
  • Students will be attuned as Toltec Nagual Reiki practitioners from Level 1 through Master
  • Students will learn related processes and ceremonies including:
  • Toltec Recapitulation Process
  • Zapotec Benediction
  • Toltec Everyday Ceremony
  • Mayan Merkaba Meditation
  • Nawi Ollin Balancing Technique
  • Students will learn the Reiki symbols associated with each level of healing
  • Students will learn how to give a Toltec Nagual Reiki Healing Session


  • Students will take 2 objective quizzes
  • Students will participate in forum discussions covering topics from the lectures. These forums will be used to grade the following:
  • Students will complete the Toltec Everyday Ceremony
  • Students will complete the Zapotec Benediction Ceremony
  • Students will become attuned to Reiki 1-3
  • Students will do 3 healing sessions
  • Students will attune at least one other


Rev. Dr. Elisa Keith

Rev. Dr. Elisa Keith is the Psychic Medium and Shaman at Moving Energy Works where she loves helping people remove energy blocks, establish goals on their life path, and healing traumatic experiences.

Her extensive and diverse education along with 30+ years of experience in Holistic Health and Energy Healing has allowed her to create a reputable practice. With mastery skills in Reiki, Neurolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, Psychic Medium, and many forms of divination, Rev Dr Keith possesses the knowledge and skills to assist others on their life journey.

Elisa believes that bringing harmony to society begins with educating and healing one being at a time. She is a profound teacher and believes the more we share and educate others the more powerful the positive energies become.

While Elisa enjoys helping others, she also enjoys drumming, playing the Native
American flute, participating in earth-keeping ceremonies, and animal communications.