SHA 605:

Ho'oponopono - A Shamanic Exploration

Instructor: Mark Perkins

3 Credits - $299


Learn this Hawaiian spiritual counseling technique for achieving balance in relationships and situations of many kinds. Additionally, use your shamanic journeying skills to observe the results of Ho’oponopono. In the course, we will:

  • Learn basic Hawaiian spiritual concepts—establish an understanding of how the Hawaiians view their spirit worlds giving us a common vocabulary as we move through the course
  • Review the Ho’oponopono method—history, concepts, ritual, ceremony
  • Select three real-life cases—query the student for three real life situations, either from the student’s own life or a situation from someone the student knows, where there is an imbalance or where healing is needed
  • For each case:
    • Journey to the case and observe aspects of the case prior to Ho’oponopono
    • Conduct Ho’oponopono for the case
    • Journey to the case and observe aspects of the case after the Ho’oponopono method
    • Discuss before/after journey observations
    • Discuss application/integration into the student’s current shamanic practice


Course Materials:

  • My Journey Back to Oneness by Mark Perkins (available from Amazon)
  • Advanced Self-identity Ho’oponopono Manual by Morrnah K. Simeona (can be downloaded at:

Course Objectives:

By the end of this course, students will:

  • Define the Hawaiian term ‘kahuna’
  • Describe the three selves and the corresponding shamanic world views
  • Define Ho’oponopono
  • Provide five examples from the student’s own life where Ho’oponopono could be used
  • Produce three papers reporting on the state of the selected Ho’oponopono topics from the student before/during/after the cermony

Course Topics:

  • What is a kahuna?
  • What is Ho’oponopono?
  • What are the inner meanings of the ceremony?
  • Experiential journeys to three situations before and after the ceremony.
  • How can Ho’oponopono be used in the student’s daily life?


Students will perform shamanic journeys, conduct the Ho’oponopono process, document the student’s observations and post these observations to the instructor. The observation may be posted to the Chat Tool based on the comfort of the student in sharing the material. Students will also use the Chat tool to communicate with other students and the faculty.

Students will write up their before/during/after journeys and post them to the instructor. Students will also write a brief paper describing the subjects in the Course Topics section of the Syllabus.



Mark Perkins

  • Published author, My Journey Back to Oneness
  • Trained in basic and advanced Ho’oponopono as taught by Morna Simeona and Dr. Vince Wingo.
  • Participated in advanced training workshops in shamanism and shamanic healing with anthropologist and author Hank Wesselman, PhD and transpersonal medical practitioner Jill Kuykendall RPT
  • Certified ARCH (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, an energy healing technique based on Hawaiian Spirituality) teacher by Laurie Grant (re-discoverer of ARCH) after three year apprenticeship
  • Conducts regular seminars on shamanism and energy healing