Terry-Lively-225x300With a Master’s degree in Media Studies, Terry has been teaching in the Communication Department at West Virginia State University for nearly a decade.

She has extensive knowledge and skills that translate into top-quality video and online instruction. This provides you with a seasoned teaching professional instructing you about Tarot cards, a topic she has studied and researched for over forty years.

Terry began her metaphysical studies in her teens. She studied with Dr. Henry Keeling in his ESP class, learning grounding, auras and the art of psychic readings.

A trip to Cassadega, FL inspired her to continue her studies, which included sessions with noted Tarot card reader Ann Reynolds and others. A long-time resident of West Virginia, Terry has read Tarot cards for hundreds of clients. Her personal studies include Tarot, synchronicity, Spirituality, Tao de Ching and remote viewing. Terry understands and appreciates the power of intuition. Embracing the moment enhances psychic powers by stripping away the past and future, allowing universal knowledge to be revealed.