Cost of the Degree

One course credit at IMU costs $197. Some courses are worth 1 course credit. Others are worth 2 course credits; depending on the number of hours required to complete the course. To complete a degree at IMU, students must earn 12 course credits. Total base cost of the Masters degree is $2,364.

To earn a doctorate students must complete the 12 course credits for the Masters Degree plus an additional 6 course credits. Students can establish a payment plan for the doctorate program after completing the Master’s Degree. 

Some courses, particularly those in the Holistic Health program, require a practicum. These practicums require tremendous oversight from the instructors and are charged separately from the cost of the degree program. When this is the case, it will be listed on the course catalog. These practicums vary in price and are not included in the original degree cost. They are paid separately upon enrollment of the course. 

Payment Options

Choose from one of the 3 following payment options:

1) Students can pay per course as they are ready to start. To do this, go to the course page, click “Enroll Now” and pay. Students will be automatically placed into the course upon payment.

2) Students can pay for the entire degree at one time. Students who have paid for the degree in advance can take as many as five courses at one time, finishing the degree at maximum speed

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3) Sign up for a payment plan. Students who are working towards a degree can sign up for a payment plan. Students can take courses at the pace for which they have paid. 

Option A: 6 Months at $394 per month. The six month programs qualifies students to take two courses every month, allowing students to complete the Master’s degree in six months.

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Option B: 12 Months at $197 per month. The twelve month programs qualifies students to take one course every month, allowing students to complete the Master’s degree in one year.  

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Option C: 24 Months at $98.50 per month. The twenty-four month program qualifies students to join a new course every other month, allowing students to complete the Masters degree in two years.  

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Refund Policy

When a student is entered into a course, they are given full access to all of the data therein and students have the ability to download the entire body of information up front. Therefore it is IMU’s policy not to offer refunds on any of our courses once a student is placed into the course and a log in is issued nor are we able to change courses once you have logged into the course.

Money-Back Guarantee

We do, however, offer a 100% money-back guarantee in the circumstance where a course is not everything that you expected it to be. In order to qualify for the money-back guarantee, students must complete the course then petition management for the refund. To do so simply email management at The student will be then be asked to fill out a survey giving specific information as to what it was about the course that was insufficient. This information will then be used to either improve the course or pull it from the IMU curriculum altogether.

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