UFO 501 - Introduction to Ufology

UFO 501/601 - Introduction to Ufology/Intermediate UFOLOGY

Instructor: Richard Dolan
Proxy: Kelly Weary

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn directly from Richard Dolan, the world-renowned author, researcher, and speaker, in this fully-integrated online course!

This cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind course explores the implications on the world of this oh-so-important field of study. This twelve-week, college-level course delves deep in the field of Ufology, and offers a rare opportunity to have direct teachings from Mr. Dolan himself.

 Course Description

A proper study of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) is a broad undertaking, involving many separate disciplines. Unfortunately, there are very few college-level courses that deal with this subject at all. Fewer still that make an effort to cover it in a balanced manner, and probably none that address the full spectrum of issues related to it.

This is a comprehensive overview of the UFO phenomenon for people of the 21st century. It provides up-to-date information and analysis relating to the full history of UFOs, from ancient times to our own era, focusing on the most significant and instructive cases. But there is much more to this course.We will be dealing with political issues, such as the history of the U.S. government and military/ intelligence community in relation to UFOs. That is, we will analyze the cover-up. In so doing, we will find that UFOs pose a serious problem to that community, one that its members may not be handling as well as they would like. We may also conclude that at least some of the UFOs people are seeing are made by “us.”

We will also study philosophical and investigative problems brought about by UFOs, including how ordinary objects and events might fool us, and how they differ from “true UFOs.” Moreover, in an age of Internet, of Facebook and Youtube, when information practically overwhelms us, we will discuss how to separate fact from fiction, legitimate issues from fear-mongering or fantasy-peddling.

Then there are issues pertaining to science and technology. To the extent that these objects are craft, how do they operate? How is it that these beings often seem to have a mind-to-mind communication with us? What does that mean about human consciousness? What can a study of UFOs teach us about physics, dimensions, and the structure of our reality?

We must not forget the beings behind the phenomenon, whoever and whatever they are. For this course, we will assess the history and claims of contact, try to understand the nature of that contact, and perhaps puzzle out just who and what we are dealing with.

Finally, this course will try to peer into the future. We will look at the recent history of the “Disclosure” movement, analyze the difficulties and opportunities of ending UFO secrecy, and try to see what a post-Disclosure world might look like — the ultimate revolutionary experience.

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Lecture Titles

  1. What Are UFOs?
  2. Theories of Ancient Visitation
  3. Into Modernity: Airships, Foo Fighters, and Flying Saucers: 1896 to 1969
  4. The Early Cover-Up, and those who fought it.
  5. Digging Deeper: The Breakaway Civilization
  6. High Strangeness: UFOs from 1970 till 1990
  7. UFOs from 1991-2012
  8. Contact and Abduction
  9. The Growth of Ufology, 1970s till today
  10. Who Are They? What Are They? What Do They Want?
  11. Weird Science: Propulsion, Energy, Spacetime, and Consciousness
  12. Into the Future, Into Ourselves

Course Structure

Students will listen to one audio lecture (varying in length from 60 to 85 minutes) for each of the 12 weeks of the course. In addition, students will be required to participate in the classroom forum, which will be the graded equivalent of Discussions each week will focus on the lecture for that week. As the instructor, I will monitor and participate as appropriate in this forum.Your participation in this forum will account for roughly 30 percent of your final grade.

From the course’s total point value of 1006 pts., this forum represents 336 points. Since there will be 12 forums, each forum will be worth 28 points. There will also be weekly quizzes based on the course reading assignment, which is UFOs and the National Security State, The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991. Each quiz will have a total value of 30 points, giving 300 points for all ten, roughly 30 percent of your final grade. There will be two weeks when there is no quiz.In addition, there will be a mid-term assignment and a final exam.The mid-term assignment will be due on Week 6, and will be at least 500 words in length (equivalent to 2 to 3 pages of double spaced typed paper).

This will be on a subject of your choice, touching upon anything in ufology, but must be approved by myself. Please let me know before the end of Week 2 which topic you want to write about, Week 3 at the absolute latest. The mid-term exam will be worth 100 points, or roughly ten percent of your final grade.The Final Exam will be given at the end of Week 12, and will be an essay written by you of at least 1,000 words. It will be on a ufological topic that I will give out not later than the end of Week 9, giving you three weeks to research and write it. The final exam will be worth 300 points, or roughly 30 percent of your final grade.Throughout this course, I will be available on a limited basis to discuss issues individually with students, to be determined as-needed. I need to emphasize that my availability has its limits, but I will do my best to be available for each of you, either via email or other means as appropriate.

Course Reading

UFOs & The National Security State Volume 2: The Cover-Up Exposed 1973-1991 (Keyhole Publishing, 2009) (This book will be the foundation for the course, and will provide the subject matter for all of the quizzes)

Suggested Reading

Clark, Jerome. The UFO Book: Encyclopedia of the Extraterrestrial (Omnigraphics, 1998).

Dolan, Richard M. UFOs and the National Security State: Chronology of a Cover-Up, 1941-1973 (Hampton Roads, 2002)

Dolan, Richard M. and Zabel, Bryce. A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth about Alien Contact (Career Press, 2012)

Greer, Steven. Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History (Quality Books, 2001)

Hall, Richard H. The UFO Evidence: A Thirty-Year Report (Scarecrow Press, 2001).

Hansen, Terry. The Missing Times: News Media Complicity in the UFO Cover-Up (Xlibris Press, 2000)

Hastings, Robert. UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites (Author House, 2008)

Kean, Leslie. UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go on the Record (Three Rivers Press, 2011)
Vallee, Jacques and Aubeck, Chris. Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to ModernTimes (Tarcher, 2010)
For general reference, I highly recommend: http://www.ufoevidence.org/

Who Should Take this Course?

This course is designed for:

  • Anyone who has an interest in UFOs and the paranormal.
  • Anyone who has ever seen or interacted with a UFO and wondered if they were losing their mind!
  • Anyone who is interested in the implications of UFO contact, this includes government leaders and police officials who might one day have to deal with issues of contact or disclosure in their own communities.
  • Anyone seeking a career in film, television, or the media who wants to be an expert in the field in order to be able to present more accurate information to the public
  • Anyone with the foresight to see how this information does and will impact our society at large as mass sightings and contact becomes more and more obvious and less-likely to contain. How will it affect future generations on earth?

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About the Instructor

Richard DolanRichard Dolan is one of the world’s most prominent researchers and historians of the UFO phenomenon. He has written two groundbreaking histories and many articles on UFOs, as well as co-authoring a speculative analysis of the future. Currently, Richard is writing another book, UFOs for the 21st Century Mind. Due out in mid-2012 and based on this lecture series, it offers a long-overdue analysis of this phenomenon for a world in the midst of social and technological transformation. Richard has appeared widely on television, spoken around the world, and is a frequent guest on radio shows such as Coast-to-Coast AM. Richard is also the host of Truth Out Radio, a weekly 3-hour show with the Global Radio Alliance, featuring his analysis of UFO-related news and much more.

Richard was born in Brooklyn, New York. He studied at Alfred University in Western New York State, earning bachelor degrees in History and English Literature. During this time, he received a scholarship to study at Exeter College in Oxford University, where he earned a Certificate in Modern Political Theory. Richard was also a finalist for a Rhodes scholarship, and completed his graduate work in History at the University of Rochester. Prior to his interest in UFOs, he studied U.S. Cold War strategy, Soviet history and culture, and international diplomacy.

What People are Saying

quotation-marksAs an academic myself for over twenty years , I find it a rare opportunity to learn first hand from the author of the text I am reading. Mr. Dolan’s academic pedigree and comprehensive research methods attracted me to also look deeper into the UFO phenomenon. Dolan’s course has already,in only a few weeks,provided the statistical research that has helped me to put aside my disregard for this subject . Discover the categories of evidence with Dolan and realize that just as Disclosure hasn’t yet occurred officially, it certainly is imminent…Thanks for the course IMU!

-Steve Humphrey, Qatar

quotation-marksAlthough I’ve only just started the IMU Ufology 501 course, I have to say I’m very excited to be doing this. There are probably only a handful of people around today that I’d trust to teach Ufology to the kind of academic standard that would make such a course worthwhile…and Richard Dolan is most definitely one of them. After only one lecture I’m struck by Richard’s unique take on the subject and his ability to see through the quackery and folklore and focus on the best evidence for a UFO reality and what the implications might mean for us all regarding almost every aspect of our society and culture.

-Lorin Cutts, Portland, OR

quotation-marksAs everyone knows, the field of Ufology offers very little in a standard study or organized instruction. Most are left to weed through internet materials, books or join organizations that offer training or guidance in an informal atmosphere. This class offers a first of its kind curriculum by a teacher, author, researcher and notable historian, Richard Dolan. His prestigious reputation, literary contributions and personal dedication to truths in the important subject of UFOs and disclosure, offers a realistic and complete course that will lay an informed and intelligent foundation of UFOs to anyone interested in this subject.

The most rewarding part of taking Richard Dolan’s class is the self- paced options and the very personal interaction and assistance he offers every student. As a teacher, he extends an intelligent pathway for the pubic to experience the structured and systematic processes to understanding the UFO phenomena.

We, as a community have needed this type of instruction for a long time!”

- Chase Kloetzke

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