UFO 511/611 – Exoconsciousness

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UFO 511/611 – Exoconsciousness

Instructor: Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle-Wright

Access Your Extraterrestrial Abilities through Your Advanced Consciousness

For Healers, Coaches, Psychics, Independent Researchers, Ufologists and ET Experiencers: People who acknowledge that our human species is created and equipped to experience ET Contact which is sourced in our consciousness. Our Exoconsciousness.

What if you discovered, learned to use, and enjoy your multi-dimensional mind?

What if you became aware of the Extraterrestrial Presence as a means to create a new reality?

What if you discovered that the intuitive wisdom you have always felt about the Extraterrestrial Presence was actually being scientifically studied and in some cases, proven?

What if you felt validation for your advanced psychic abilities? What if you found a community where these abilities and ET experiences were shared and celebrated?

What if you could experience this high-level learning free of culture’s constant secrecy, skepticism and propaganda?

How would it feel to move into higher consciousness, released from these artificial barriers and live a multi-dimensional life of peace, wisdom and harmony?

Sounds great, doesn’t it? Then PAR 505 Introduction to Exoconsciousness is for YOU.

Class size is limited because of the personal attention each student receives in this course.

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SPECIAL NOTE to healers and metaphysical practitioners: This class is for YOU. It will provide knowledge and tools to work with advanced consciousness and to better serve your clients who experience ET Contact, have a UFO sighting or are deeply aware of the Extraterrestrial Presence. Please join us. Click here.

“What Will I Know After I Complete PAR 505 Introduction to Exoconsciousness?”

  • You will learn and participate in the frontiers of quantum science, expanding the old boundaries of objective science, moving into subjective experience of consciousness potentials.
  • “Know thyself” You will enter into a new relationship with yourself as human—spawn from and one with the stars. Extraterrestrial. Exoconsciousness creates a new definition of humans as extraterrestrial.
  • You will discriminate between Types of Extraterrestrial Contact— Experience, Abduction, Contact, Supernatural, MILABS, Hybridization Programs and ET Motivations.
  • You will gain a basic comprehension of the history and persuasive power of mind control.
  • You will be introduced to cutting edge science which is examining the Extraterrestrial Presence: Holographic Consciousness, Epigenetics and DNA.
  • You will receive 21st Century tools to open, experience and use your psychic intelligence and Extraterrestrial abilities.
  • You will develop an overview of Earth’s extraterrestrial origins: historical, scriptural, mythological and spiritual evidence.

“What Graduates Are Saying?”

“ Your class really took the basics I knew about metaphysics and raised it to a completely different level. I enjoyed exploring more about myself and the universe. You inspire me with your commitment to educating and investigating all of these facets of exoconsciousness.”

– Crystal: Filmmaker

“I highly recommend Rebecca Hardcastle Wright’s IMU course on Exoconsiousness and ETI for those interested in exploring the further reaches of current thought on the very nature of our consciousness, the multidimensional universe which we inhabit and communications with higher dimensional beings. ”

– Gary: Leader in the NDE Community

Attention: Each student receives personal attention. Class size is limited.

Please click here to see if you can enroll in this class now.

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“What Will I Experience in PAR 505 Introduction to Exoconsciousness?”

Your first day of class you will login and join a small, intimate group of students who will be experiencing the Exoconscious journey. You will get to know one another and begin sharing your experiences. From the beginning you will receive affirmation from your community of students.

You will receive instructions on how to download or purchase your textbook. You will begin learning about Exoconsciousness and how it applies to you and expands your consciousness and world view.

“How Will I Retain What I’ve Learned So I Can Put It Into Practice in Real-Life?”

1. You will interact with your instructor and your fellow students through forum discussions that ask you to think about and apply what you have learned. This embeds information in your mind for easy access when you need it.
2. You will create a paper because the power of writing helps you build the mental construct that connects new ideas with your current life experiences, anchoring what you have learned in order to create a new world view. (300 potential points)
3. After every audio, power point with embedded videos and reading lesson you will see how much new information you have retained with a 10-question “Celebration of Knowledge.” (1100 potential points)

“How Will You Measure My Progress to Guarantee I’m Doing It Right?”

You want the most from your learning. To guarantee that you receive the foundation you need for both conscious life creation and to get paid to help clients as a metaphysical practitioner, all of your work will be examined in detail. Remember, we’re here to help so if you have any questions, please feel free to share them with your instructor and your fellow students.

90-100 = A 80-89 = B 70-79 = C

If you find that your work is falling below 70% please contact your instructor for help

“How Much Time Do You Have To Complete This Course?”

You will want to progress with your colleagues and complete this course in 12 weeks. Extensions are granted for busy lifestyles because everyone deserves time to create their own reality!

A Personal Letter From Your Instructor

Rebecca-Hardcastle-150x150Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecca Hardcastle Wright. I welcome you to our Introduction to Exoconsciousness class at International Metaphysical University. When you enter this online classroom, you become a vital part of our student community. You will feel validation and acceptance. You will be challenged to stretch your mind and beliefs. You will see your psychic, UFO and ET experiences in a new light. You will form new scientific perspectives. Create a new world view.

Most importantly, you will view yourself in a new light. You will see yourself as a human, living on Planet Earth, who was created and equipped to experience Extraterrestrial Contact and that through this contact—whether it be via film, book, image, story, UFO sighting or personal ET contact—you have the opportunity to move into advanced states of consciousness.

As an ET experiencer since childhood, I founded the field of Exoconsciousness—the study of the dimensions and abilities of human consciousness. I did this as a way to understand and utilize what happened to me. I wanted to pull back the veils of misunderstanding and confusion, bringing the light of metaphysics, science and religion to my ET experience. Now I am sharing this with you.

Since founding the field of Exoconsciousness I have adopted the role of a pioneer who builds bridges between Extraterrestrial Experiencers and consciousness science. My expertise is helping ET experiencers become healthy, integrated and affirmed—finding their voice, their power and their community.

For me, the most important thing is “the work of proving through science and experiences that our human species is created, equipped to experience ET Contact—and that this ability is sourced in our consciousness, our Exoconsciousness. My research includes brain-based neuroscience, quantum consciousness and technological transhumanism.

Exoconsciousness normalizes psychic abilities “superpowers” once thought beyond human capacity, as essential for a 21st Century species in direct contact with extraterrestrials. My research focuses on telepathic communication as well as psychokinesis and the creation of a consciousness craft for space travel.

I hope that during this class, you will enjoy reading my book, Exoconsciousness: Your 21st Century Mind, which respects the subjective ET Contact experience. I believe that this respect leads to an acknowledgement of our multi-dimensional mind and a world-view of peaceful contact and collaboration with ETs.

I have worked professionally in the field of Ufology for decades. Exoconsciousness is my career. It is a powerful combination: exciting theories and scientific research, patience amid unfolding of political realities, and energy from a passionate commitment for sharing my story and knowledge with others who are opening to this reality. I welcome you to this community.

In 2005 I taught one of the first ufology courses in the United States at Scottsdale Community College in Scottsdale, Arizona. I learned many lessons from that experience that I transferred and transformed them into my teaching here at IMU.

I am an activist, dedicated to Disclosure of the Extraterrestrial Presence, consciousness research and advancing new energy technologies. I serve as the Washington DC representative for Quantrek, a zero point energy organization founded by scientist and Apollo 14 astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell. In this capacity, I work with Dr. Mitchell and his international team of scientists. I also collaborate with many in the ufology community including Exopolitical leaders Alfred Webre, Paola Harris, Michael Salla and Steven Bassett.

As a resident of Phoenix, Arizona for 20 years, I remain active in the Phoenix Lights community who witnessed the largest and longest mass UFO sighting in the United States. This community includes key witness, Lynne Kitei, as well as researchers Larry Lowe, Jim Dilettosso and many others.

As a practicing healer, coach and hypnotherapist, I gained immeasurable knowledge about Exoconsciousness while working with UFO and extraterrestrial contactees. I was privileged to train with Ruth Hover, PhD, who led the longest running extraterrestrial contactee group in the nation. Ruth was a colleague of John Mack, MD and was affiliated with his Harvard-based Program for Extraordinary Experience Research (PEER).

My Exoconsciousness Coaching and hypnotherapy encourage trauma healing, which leads to brain balancing and a unified mind. I apply healing scientific traumatology techniques to reframe and rewire trauma scars that often skew the perception of extraterrestrial contact. I will introduce you to all of this knowledge in our class.

I am dedicated to the healthy, holistic integration of ET Contact experiences. I refer to this exoconscious ability as “living in the non-local with your feet on the ground.”

Raised during early childhood in Clarksburg and Buckhannon West Virginia, I then moved to Dayton, Ohio and later to Phoenix, Arizona. I currently live in Washington DC. I am married and we have a blended family of eight children and many, many grandchildren. Our star legacy.

I received my bachelor’s degree in philosophy and religion from Otterbein University. I studied continental philosophy at the Institute for European Studies in Basel Switzerland. My Master of Divinity in philosophical theology is from Boston University School of Theology. I received a doctorate in Parapsychic Science from American Institute of Holistic Theology. I earned my hypnotherapy and life coaching certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

My website is Exoconsciousness and here is my blog. You can also find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter.

Welcome to our Exoconsciousness course, I look forward to hearing your story and sharing knowledge. Please register here. See you soon.


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