Course Category: Shamanic Studies

SHA 605: Ho’oponopono – A Shamanic Exploration

Learn this Hawaiian spiritual counseling technique for achieving balance in relationships and situations of many kinds. Additionally, use your shamanic journeying skills to observe the results of Ho’oponopono. Instructor: Mark Perkins ( Please visit Mark’s web site at:

SHA 604: Huna Shaman Training

Instructor: Serge King, PhD Course Description:  Huna is a name given to the esoteric knowledge of ancient Hawaii. Shamanism is a craft that uses the powers of the mind and the forces of nature for healing and creativity. This course will cover Huna concepts and shamanic practices based on the following seven principles: The world …

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SHA 502: Basic Shamanic Journeying

Instructor: Sandra Ingerman Proxy: Karen Furr This class introduces the basic ideas and techniques of what is known as cross-cultural or Core Shamanism. The focus will be on how to use the techniques of Core Shamanism for basic shamanic journeying into the worlds or realities of the shamanic universe. Techniques for finding and integrating one’s …

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SHA 501: Foundations of Shamanism

Instructor: Mark Perkins ( This course studies shamanism from the perspective of anthropology, psychology, consciousness studies, and the physical sciences and gives the student a broad perspective on how shamanic studies relates to research-oriented arts and sciences plus it gives the student a broad historical perspective of shamanism. Please visit Mark’s web site at:

SHA 513: Toltec Nagual Reiki

This form of shamanic Reiki combines the energies of Reiki with the teachings, techniques, and symbols of the Toltec/Mayan shamanic cultures of Mexico. It is a form of hands-on healing that is designed to introduce spiritual seekers and energetic healers to the basic concepts, energies, and techniques of the Toltec Nagual Shamans of Central & …

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