CATEGORY: Consciousness Studies

CSC 515: Advanced Meditation and Spiritual Wisdom

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

A continuation of the Introductory course where students have become familiar with basic and foundational mediation practices and techniques.

It is expected that advanced students will have comfortably integrated the essentials that are common to virtually all meditation traditions and methodologies. Students will by now have established a regular and ongoing practice and are able to cohere Spiritual practice with daily practical applications for overall health and well-being.

In this advanced course less emphasis will be placed on the basics, rather we will be furthering and deepening exploration of numerous Spiritual aims and purposes.

In the Introductory course several approaches were introduced for a “taste” of the variety of tenets for concentrated awareness, contemplation, and mindfulness not just in sitting but extended into one’s life, relationships and the World.

We have undertaken to provide the opportunity for direct experience of the rich and illuminating teachers of a number of past masters as well as contemporary teachers. Students are encouraged to pursue your own interests outside of this course directly with these sources as you find your personal resonance with one or more of them.

We are reminded that the ultimate and final aim of a Spiritual Mediation practice is to comprehend, through direct experience, one’s own true nature, and that we are indeed ONE with one another and the Source. Not merely an “altered state of consciousness” but rather an Unity with the Pure Potentiality of Consciousness Itself.

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