CATEGORY: Consciousness Studies

ORD 501: Ordination Training I

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview


Instructor: Deborah Lindsey

In this course, students will enjoy a variety of topics related to the exploration of consciousness. The intention is to provide a solid foundation upon which all of the courses in this program are built. Upon completion of this course, students will be declared a Ministerial Lightworker and a Certificate of Ordination will be issued. 

This certificate provides a degree of legal protection for students in our programs.While it is not required, we also highly recommend completion of “CON 501 Principles of Metaphysics” as it addressed the universal laws as put forth in the Kybalion, the “book” upon which many in the metaphysical belief system would call “the Bible”. 

In this course, students will enjoy the following teachings: 

  • Spiritual Counseling by Rev. Randy Hastings 
  • Death, Dying, and Reincarnation by Deborah Lindsey 
  • Ascension by Deborah Lindsey 
  • Power of Language by Deborah Lindsey 
  • Forgiveness and the Forgiveness Formula by Deborah Lindsey 
  • Emotional Awareness by Deborah Lindsey 
  • Pastoral Rites and Ceremonies by Rev. Randy Hastings 
  • Legal and Ethical Issues by Rev. Randy Hastings 
  • What the Bleep Do We Know?, a movie by Captured Light Industries 
  • Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz 
  • Attracting Your Soulmate by Deborah Lindsey 
  • Creating Your Life through Shamanism by Rev. Randy Hastings 
  • The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic by Janet Decker 
  • The Secret, a film my Rhonda Byrne
    New Perspective on Animals by Deborah Lindsey (bonus material)

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